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Judge Andy Hathcock, Race for 98th District Court

1. Why are you running, and what is your vision for your office?

For me judging is both a craft and a calling. I have spent the past eight years refining my judicial craft as the first associate judge for the Child Protection Court of Central Texas, and as an associate judge for the Civil District Courts of Travis County. I believe I have the depth and breadth of experience to capably handle the wide variety of cases that come before the 98th District Court. I have been board certified in family law since 1990. I taught for eleven years at the University of Texas School of Law, representing well over a thousand children and training hundreds of law students to be effective advocates for children throughout Texas. In private practice I handled many different kinds of civil cases. I believe that judges should be leaders working beyond the bench to improve the response of the legal community to the needs of the larger community. I have served as the past chair of the State Bar Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect and have worked to improve educational outcomes for youth in foster care, on issues affecting mental health treatment for children in Texas, and have spent the better part of the last twenty-four years giving voice to the voiceless and protecting the interests of the forsaken children of Texas. I will continue to answer the call to judicial service as judge of the 98th District Court and work to develop and implement best practices to improve the administration of justice.
2. Latinos For Texas's vision is to unite communities by bridging networks of Progressive groups and Latino/Hispanic interests so that we can be better united in direct action for the community. How do you see your role in office as helping to advance this vision?
When first established eight years ago, the Child Protective Court of Central Texas brought new focus to the needs of children in the communities it serves. As a judge on this bench I witnessed remarkable change throughout the counties in my jurisdiction. Investing the resources of the court in our youngest Texans energized the region, making a lasting difference to everyone in the area, especially those youngest litigants. I continue to see the direct correlation between a concerned court and a concerned citizenry. A judiciary sets precedent not only in the courthouse but in the community it serves.
3. How does a vote for you affect or improve my everyday life?
This court hears cases involving not only children, but cases affecting the environment, neighborhood growth and development, education, health care and state government. Even if you never set foot inside a courtroom, the decisions of this court may have a significant impact on your life, and it is important to select a judge with the experience, scholarship, and judicial temperament, to carefully listen to both sides, to treat everyone who comes before the court with dignity and respect, and to read and apply the law correctly.
4. Would you pledge to abide by the Clean Elections guidelines developed by Common Cause?
I believe the best policy is to have publicly funded judicial campaigns. Until that happens, I am voluntarily complying with the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act that limits expenditures and contributions.

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