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Glen Maxey, Race for Travis CountyTax Assessor-Collector

1. Why are you running, and what is your vision for your office?

I have a lifetime record of public service and activism. The person who is the Tax Assessor-Collector, Voter Registrar and member of the Central Appraisal District Board can have a tremendous effect of the lives of average citizens if they show up and articulate a vision. This office must adhere to the highest standards of customer service, efficiency and fiscal responsibility. In collecting taxes, fines and fees, or administering the vehicle registration and titling functions, the Tax Assessor Collector must maintain rigorous oversight of their staff and policies to achieve these goals.

As a member of the Appraisal District Board, I want to lead the policy discussion of what tools we can add and changes we can undertake to make our appraisal process uniform, fair, and equitable. I intend to be at the legislature as part of this discussion to solve this huge challenge.

This office should lead the voter registration effort. For years the incumbent’s focus has been to just process cards. I want to set up a national model of systemic voter registration. We do that by making registering to vote a part of the process for signing leases, entering a public junior college or university, or as part of “moving in” as a new resident. Every time someone moves their phone or cable service, they should be given an application to vote. Every employer and retail operation in this county should have a year round role in encouraging registration. My studies show that there are over 100,000 voters that could be added in this County and that there are thousands upon thousands registered at incorrect addresses. We can, and must, get them appropriately registered to participate in our democracy.

My vision is that every eligible citizen should be registered to vote. Moreover, we should have an aggressive program to educate voters on where and when early and election day voting occurs in conjunction with the County Clerk’s office. This effort could be a part of a public/private cooperation. And I view this office as having a responsibility to be at the Legislature trying to expand voter registration efforts and opposing, using the power of the office, those efforts that are discriminatory or would suppress voter registration or participation.
2. Latinos For Texas's vision is to unite communities by bridging networks of Progressive groups and Latino/Hispanic interests so that we can be better united in direct action for the community. How do you see your role in office as helping to advance this vision?
For decades I have been a part of the progressive social, economic and political movements and actions. Using this office to educate people about their rights and assisting families to maintain their home ownership, working towards partnerships between government and non-profits to encourage affordable housing and other innovative directions excites me. Empowering every person to register and then participate in their government directly through elections of officials and issue items is the best way to induce direct action.. Taking control of your own destiny through the ballot box is the most direct action a person can take. I want to ensure that no person is disenfranchised from our democracy.
3. How does a vote for you affect or improve my everyday life?
Your vote for me endorses my agenda of having an active, vibrant county level office that works to insure that you’ll have leadership in the Tax Assessor Collector office that shows up every day.
4. Would you pledge to abide by the Clean Elections guidelines developed by Common Cause?
I wholeheartedly support the goals put forth by Common Cause and True Courage Action Network. The influence of political action committees and large donors has corrupted our democracy. I’m proud to endorse, and work with, the proponents of public financing of elections in Texas. "Passage of this legislation is the single most important thing Texans can do to restore our government to a participatory democracy." I agree totally with your statement from the website.

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