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Dan Grant, Race for Congress (CD 10)

1. Why are you running, and what is your vision for your office?

Iím running for positive change for everyday Americans. I want to help get the economy moving, ensure affordable health care for all Americans, and set our foreign policy back on track. My vision for my office is one of service to all members of my district, not just a lucky few who have access and influence. I worked for Jake Pickle, and he taught me that the purpose of a Congressman is to be the advocate for everyone from every class and background. I was in Iraq for a year and a half, trying to do what I could to fix things there. It wasnít enough, and so I came back to my home to run for Congress Ė so that I could go to the source of things in Washington and change them there.

The people of the 10th Congressional District, of Texas, and the United States want change and genuine representation, and Iíll do everything in my power to provide it.
2. Latinos For Texas's vision is to unite communities by bridging networks of Progressive groups and Latino/Hispanic interests so that we can be better united in direct action for the community. How do you see your role in office as helping to advance this vision?
As a Democratic Congressman, I will act in common cause with progressive and Latino groups. We all have shared goals, the most basic of which are making a better life for all Americans, and securing our prosperity in the 21st century. I will use my office as a link between both groups, and will routinely meet with Latino and progressive leaders so that we can work jointly on issues that affect all of us.
3. How does a vote for you affect or improve my everyday life?
If elected, I will work relentlessly to improve the lives of everyday Americans Ė starting with affordable health care, and doing everything I can to bring about an end to the war in Iraq. The trillions of dollars wasted in Iraq should be going to schools, bridges, investment in clean energy technologies, and other areas that improve the lives of Americans at home.
4. Would you pledge to abide by the Clean Elections guidelines developed by Common Cause?
Yes. Iíve worked overseas in elections in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and we managed to conduct elections that, despite being in the midst of chaos and violence, were transparent and met international standards. We must be able to do the same in the United States.

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