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Andy Brown, Race for Travis County Democratic Party Chair

1. Why are you running, and what is your vision for your office?

I'm running for Travis County Democratic Party Chair to (1) raise more money than ever before, (2) increase turnout to record levels in minority precincts, and (3) make sure we are doing everything we can to reach out to new voters in Travis County.
2. Latinos For Texas's vision is to unite communities by bridging networks of Progressive groups and Latino/Hispanic interests so that we can be better united in direct action for the community. How do you see your role in office as helping to advance this vision?
I see myself working with Latinos For Texas to run a real field campaign in minority precincts in Travis County. I'd like to help raise money and, with LFT's help, work to increase turnout in targeted minority precincts through a field campaign.
3. How does a vote for you affect or improve my everyday life?
A vote for me will send a clear message that you want real results in Travis County this time. A vote for me will enable you to work towards increased turnout and increased representation for minorities in Austin.
4. Would you pledge to abide by the Clean Elections guidelines developed by Common Cause?
As I understand it, Clean Elections are tied to public financing of elections. I would absolutely support public financing of elections as proposed by Common Cause.

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