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There is another (well-done) site in the Progressive community. They have some great tools, and clever feedback so you can see how the tools are being used by others.

They have started what looks like a series on the WSJ articles about the 2004 vote, especially the Latino vote:

Their mission:

A national online organization for progressive Latinos.

We are the next generation of action-oriented Latinos who are taking ownership of our lives and political futures and working to make America better for everyone. We are concerned individuals who are exercising our democratic right to organize.

Our mission is simple.

To organize progressive Latinos online and harness energy and resources to move voters, particularly Latino voters, toward progressive issues and action. We are using the best tools available to reach out and connect to other progressive Latinos throughout the country. We are the best messengers to communicate with Latino voters on issues that matter.


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  1. kevin Says:

    Thanks for this link. Should we add them to the blog roll?

  2. kevin Says:

    Aha! Ya lo hiciste!

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