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Well, what did you think of that debate?

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Senators Obama and Clinton put on quite a show: Rich in details but still rhetorical from both camps, a few zingers here and there, and a very interesting closing from Sen. Clinton. Texas matters in a big way. Hispanics in a big way.

What stuck with you, what made you think? Let us know in the comments. 

8 Responses to “Well, what did you think of that debate?”

  1. Larry Romo Says:

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    My Fellow Texas Democrats, February 10, 2008

    I respectfully request that you vote for Senator Hillary Clinton for
    President in our Texas Democratic Primary. Senator Hillary Clinton
    is truly a champion our military, veterans and their family members.
    She clearly has been in the forefront of opportunities to live out
    the American dream of success. Many of these opportunities have come
    with joining the military either in the enlistment or officer

    Hillary Clinton has the necessary and seasoned experience and proven
    record to ensure we have a strong military but one that is prudent in
    the way we use our military. National security, military and foreign
    policy issues have been key areas she has worked on. She has a
    common sense approach to get us out of Iraq and will get other
    countries to help us out in the Middle East. She can clearly
    contrast John McCain and his non-common sense approach to keep us in
    Iraq 50 to 100 more years. The United States will be well respected
    again with Hillary Clinton as our Commander-In- Chief.

    Hillary Clinton has been a leader among leaders on the Senate Armed
    Services Committee. She was recognized by the American Legion
    as “Unsung Hero” due to her leadership role in securing record
    funding for veteran’s health care. She has worked in a bi-partisan
    effort to enhance the military and veteran medical benefits, secured
    funding for veterans’ hospitals, reductions in prescription drug
    prices for veterans and additional support for disabled veterans.
    She helped create a health tracking system for all active duty
    personnel and reservists to ensure that they receive regular
    checkups. She has expanded access to military healthcare benefits
    (TRICARE) for all Guard and Reserve members whether they are on
    active duty or not in order to prevent another illness like Gulf War
    Syndrome. Hillary Clinton has secured protections for our soldiers
    against unscrupulous financial practices like predatory lending and
    insurance scams. She increased the military survivor benefit from
    $12,000 to $100,000. She introduced legislation to honor veterans of
    the Korean and the Cold War. She voted to increase funding for
    veterans’ medical and mental health needs twenty nine times.

    Hillary Clinton is always looking for better ways to enhance the
    wellness of the military and veterans. For example, the new GI Bill
    for the 21st Century legislation that her and Representative Murphy
    introduced. Numerous veterans, family and educational organizations
    whole-heartedly support this legislation. The 21st Century GI Bill of
    Rights Act will guarantee eligibility to all servicemembers — Active
    Duty, National Guard, and Reserves — who have served since September
    11, 2001 and deployed overseas in support of a combat operation.
    Eligibility will also be extended to Active Duty personnel who have
    served a minimum of two years on Active Duty since September 11,
    2001, and National Guard and Reserve personnel who have served a
    minimum aggregate of two years on Active Duty since September 11,

    The Clinton-Murphy bill will:

    • Increase Education Opportunities. The act will fund undergraduate
    education for servicemembers - eight college semesters of tuition,
    fees, books, room and board, and other educational costs
    (commensurate with costs paid by non-veterans) . The education grant
    also can be used for specialized trade or technical training, and
    certification and licensing programs for both veterans and disabled
    veterans. Participants will not be required to pay into the program
    to receive grants.

    • Increase Veterans Housing Opportunities. The act will exempt
    Veterans from paying loan fees and expand opportunities for veterans
    to purchase, build, repair or improve a home by increasing access to
    low interest loans through the Veterans Affairs Home Loan Guaranty
    Loan Program for homes valued up to $625,000. The current program
    requires loan fees and is capped at the conforming loan rate of
    • Increase Veterans Entrepreneurial Opportunities. The Clinton-Murphy
    bill would establish a Veterans Microloan Program, administered by
    the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Small Business
    Administration. The program would provide Veterans microloans for
    entrepreneurial ventures up to $100,000 with interest rates capped at
    2.5 percent and without requiring collateral. The program would also
    direct the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide Veterans
    counseling, technical assistance, and community outreach assistance.

    Senator Hillary Clinton will always ensure we have the most optimal
    fighting force and take care of our military, veterans and family
    members. She is the voice that the United States needs today. I
    appreciate your vote for her as the President of the United States.


    LARRY ROMO, Lieutenant Colonel, USAFR (Retired)
    USAF Academy Class of 1978
    Texas Democratic Veterans Chairman
    DNC Veterans and Military Families Council Member

  2. Pat Tyler Says:

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    Barack has stood up for latinos. He took the unpopular position of saying illegal immigrants should be allowed to obtain drivers licenses because otherwise accidents will be much more unsafe for them and others involved. Hillary Clinton waffled back and forth on the issue and then threw the immigrants under the bus, just like she threw Democratic values under the bus when she voted for the Iraq war and Bush’s warmongering bill declaring Iran’s military to be terrorists (only last Fall).

    Barack is not the same old. Here are a few more examples.

    1. Unlike most other Democrats, Obama had the guts and judgment to come out against the Iraq war when it counted.

    2. He doesn’t take lobbyist money. The others in the race do.

    3. Barack is for transparency and ethics in government. He puts his money where his mouth is. He sponsored key ethics legislation. Lobbyist bundling is now on the Internet for all to see. All our taxpayer dollars that go to contractors also are accounted for down to the dollar. He has disclosed his own tax returns in this election.

    4. He doesn’t have a history of going for tens and tens of millions in personal wealth. He and Michelle are worth less than 1/30th of the Clintons, who have socked away Dick Cheney level wealth from their government service, not to mention their half a billion dollar charity. Obama never served on the Wal-Mart board like Hillary Clinton, who was silent on discrimination, union and import issues when she did and then the Clintons opened up trade to China and Nafta. He doesn’t have a history of so many scandals (I know I know, the Clintons are completely innocent of course).

    5. Obama has shown great management ability in running a steady, well funded consistent campaign against huge opposition. He has been consistent, tried to refrain from cheap shots like the Jessie Jackson comment or Hillary’s fearmongering that the terrorists will attack if we elect Obama, that Hillary Clinton is not ready to be President, that she needs to “get real”, or that he is a plagiarist when she has borrowed just as many words from others. He taps into the positive, like hope and unity. That is how real change gets started.

    6. Barack understands that we need to reach out to the world. He knows America can’t just sit back and wait for the world to prove itself to us by fulfilling conditions we dictate after we have done so many things to diminish the world’s respect for us. We need preparation and an agreed upon agenda before our next President meets with our enemies, for sure, but we don’t need to go demanding how they should run their country before we even sit down to discuss our demands in an agreed upon agenda.

    7. He has a tremendous, broad base of support. He gets Independents and even some Republicans. One of John McCain’s campaign managers even said he would resign before he helps McCain to run against Obama. He drives a ton of young people to the polls.

    8. He has charisma. The “cult” attacks on him are silly. We want a President with good ideas who is popular. Not a President with good ideas who is not popular, like Carter.

    9. He has a plan in foreign policy. Get out of Iraq. Shore up Afghanistan. Focus on getting bin Ladin and his henchmen. Stop nuclear proliferation - he would buy up the rogue materials that Bush refuses to buy up so that the likes of Warren Buffet are left to give handouts to do it.

    10. He is the most electable. According to most recent stats, he polls 3 or 4 points ahead of McCain, while Hillary trails McCain by about the same.

    There are no guarantees. To me he shows the most promise of any Presidential candidate for a long time.

  3. Mark Says:

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    The Laredo Morning Times Editorial follows:

    In the final analysis, experience counts.

    That’s why Laredo Morning Times is endorsing Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race for president. Barack Obama is charismatic, and there’s no doubt he’s an intelligent, dynamic leader who has wonderful ideas of a nation healed and a land where milk and honey flow for us all.

    But it takes so much more than beautiful words to get things done. When you get right down to it, he’s only been in the U.S. Senate for three years. Before that, he was a state senator for two terms. It’s just not enough government experience for a world stage, especially now.

    It’s easy to say we want someone from the outside, someone who’s not “entrenched” in politics and government. Haven’t we learned anything? It may be difficult to remember this far back, but back in 2000, that’s why a lot of people voted for George W. Bush in the first place. His only government experience was as governor of Texas and while we Texans believe that’s worth a whole lot, real life has shown us otherwise.

    Today, just in the time since Bush has been in office, the United States is at war on two fronts. Russia appears to be trying to turn the clock back to its authoritarian, nationalist days. The subprime mortgage crisis is continuing despite the Band-Aids, spreading ever wider across our nation and global market. Our national debt is in the trillions, and it’s hard to see an end. And there’s so much more.

    We don’t like to think about those things. We’d rather think about the good we could do as a united country and what could happen if things would just change. Change - that’s what Obama is selling. And we want so badly to buy it. Face it: We Americans are a hopeful people who love celebrities, so it’s understandable that someone like Obama would take center stage.

    But Obama can’t just implement changes because he wants to and the people vote him into office.

    Change has to happen in Washington, amid the actions - and inactions - of many, many bureaucrats working in an incredibly complex system of laws and unwritten rules.

    Reality is a sobering dunk in cold water that comes after the party. It takes experience to handle reality, and make it work for you. Clinton can do that.

    It’s true that she doesn’t come to us with a clean slate. After many years in the trenches and later in office, Clinton’s made errors and there is baggage. But she’s learned from it, and that’s what matters. She knows how to regroup after something fails, because she’s done it. She comes to the American people with a great deal of experience and negotiating talent, wiser for her falls but still optimistic about creating a great future for our children and grandchildren.

    Obama might have what it takes and he might not. We just don’t believe the risk is worth it.

    Hillary Clinton is a proven leader who knows we need better healthcare, more affordable housing, better opportunities overall and a more open, more efficiently run government. She may not have the same charm or spin the same golden promises of a shimmering future as Obama, but she’s solid.

    That’s what America needs.

  4. carleyna Says:

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    go to and post on their blog!

    or go to the blog en español at

  5. Maria Says:

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    I am surprised how many people are saying that Obama has limited experience compared to Clinton. He has as much experience as Clinton. Just because she was in the White House for 8 years that qualifies her? She has consistently been involve indirectly with questionable individuals with criminal activities in Arkansas, she has lied to the public on numerous occasions, she refuse to make public her financial records, and as you recall they allowed for genocide to take place in Rwanda (Go Bill!!) during her term as First Lady. He has brought millions of Illinois family healthcare, he made major accomplishments in the Senate, and he will not be persuaded on any issues without all the facts. Clinton is very easy to be persuaded, which could cause us to fall. Her Health plan will not cover the poor. So how many people so you think her health plan will leave out. Please, get the facts. I would love to have a woman as President, as well. But, Hillary is not providing us with the truth. She is saying whatever it takes to get your vote. Don’t be fool.

  6. Mark Says:

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    Obama’s resume is thin …

    Thomas V. DiBacco of the Orlando Sentinel writes:

”Obama’s resume is thin — and that’s obvious when supporters have to talk about his record at law school, a strategy appropriate for first-year job seekers but scarcely for presidential candidates. His eight-year career in the Illinois Senate is lackluster, marred by voting “present” 129 times, thereby avoiding the difficult choice of “yes” or “no” on proposed legislation.

Even his 70 percent vote margin in his 2004 U. S. Senate bid cries for a downgrade. He defeated a GOP nobody, perennial candidate for public office, Alan Keyes, who took over the candidacy after the real winner of the primary stepped aside as a result of a sex scandal.

Obama’s speaking ability is exceptional only if the denominator of expectation is low. Shouting is scarcely an oratorical plus, nor are the “ands” and “uhs” that punctuate Obama’s often rambling extemporaneous remarks.

Nor do campaign stops provide concise specifics about his proposals, more akin as they are to celebrity, touchy-feely, anything-I-say-is-OK performances. His safe-harbor, oratorical retreat (”and that’s why I’m running for president of the United States of America”) is overused and overvalued. As for Obama’s lifting sentences from other speakers, at a minimum that illustrates laziness.”,0,7365559.story

  7. Mark Says:

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    Obama is MIA …

    If you take time to fill in the blanks that most of mainstream media leaves out, you’ll learn that Obama has been ‘missing in action’ for a lot of things because he’s been too busy inflating his presidential suit:

    He was ‘missing in action’ …

    - from his own state legislative record in Illinois. His entire record was created in ONE YEAR’s time, facilitated by Emil Jones Jr.
    - from leadership in a host of critical community issues in his own district in Chicago during his State Senate years
    original article:

    - by failing in his chairmanship of a Senate subcommittee on Europe to hold a hearing on NATO’s presence in Afghanistan

    - from a Senate vote last year on a nonbinding resolution in that labeled the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization (Clinton voted for the measure and faced heat from Obama and other Democratic rivals for supporting a measure pushed by the Bush administration.)

    - at the Black State of the Union address in New Orleans last week
    Obama takes heat for skipping State of the Black Union

    “Obama has spent his entire political career trying to win the next step up. Every three years, he has aspired to a more powerful political position.”


  8. Sheri Says:

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    I respectfully ask you to vote for Barack Obama. He has also worked very hard over the past 20 years, as a community organizer in poor neighborhoods in Chicago, as a civil rights attorney, as a State Senator and as a US Senator, to make life better for his fellow Americans.

    Here are just a few of his accomplishments:

    1. In the U.S. Senate, Obama introduced the STOP FRAUD Act to increase penalties for mortgage fraud and provide more protections for low-income homebuyers, well before the current subprime crisis began.

    2. Barack Obama believes that our education system must be reformed to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population. He would work to keep young people from dropping out of school and hold schools accountable for teaching English-language learners. Obama is a cosponsor of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act.

    3. Obama created the Illinois Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income working families in 2000 and successfully sponsored a measure to make the credit permanent in 2003. The law offered about $105 million in tax relief over three years.

    4. Senator Obama has co-sponsored the Working Family Child Assitance Act along with Senators Snowe and Lincoln, to adjust the income requirement for the refundable portion of the Child Tax Credit. This will put more money in the pockets of more working families with children, who are struggling to make ends meet.

    5. Senator Obama introduced an amendment in the 109th Congress that would provide immediate tax relief to low-income working families from the Gulf Coast disaster areas by enhancing the refundable portion of the child tax credit. As a change from current law, children would no longer be denied a benefit because their parents’ incomes are too low.

    6. Senator Obama supports expanding the Earned Income Tax Credig EITC to cover additional children and families that are struggling to make ends meet. In the 109th Congress, he cosponsored and won passage of an amendment to reduce the marriage penalty for EITC recipients and to ensure that members of our military can include their combat pay when calculating eligibility for tax credits.

    7. Senator Obama has been a leader in the fight to prevent the abuse of no-bid contracts. He believes that competition is good for American business, helping to ensure high quality and low costs for products and services purchased by the government. Senator Obama shares the outrage of many Americans who are embarrassed by reports of waste and fraud in government contracting for hurricane relief and recovery in the Gulf Coast. Current audit findings estimate the waste at more than $2 billion. This waste not only defrauds taxpayers; it deprives vulnerable citizens who are struggling to restore their livelihoods in the wake of a national tragedy. To stop these abuses, Senator Obama introduced amendments to the Homeland Security and Defense spending bills to reinforce the requirements for competitive procedures in contracting and to limit the use of unnecessary exceptions by government officials. Senator Obama has continued to aggressively conduct oversight actions to bring FEMA into compliance with these laws.

    8. After visiting weapons stockpiles in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan, Senators Lugar and Obama introduced the Cooperative Proliferation Detection, Interdiction Assistance, and Conventional Threat Reduction Act of 2006 in the 109th Congress, which would expand the cooperative threat reduction concept to conventional weapons. The Lugar-Obama bill would energize the U.S. program against unsecured lightweight anti-aircraft missiles and other conventional weapons and would strengthen the ability of America’s allies to detect and interdict illegal shipments of weapons and materials of mass destruction. Funding would be provided to eliminate unsecured conventional weapons and to assist countries in improving their ability to detect and interdict materials and weapons of mass destruction. The Lugar-Obama bill was included in the Department of State Authorities Act of 2006 and was signed into law by President Bush in January 2007.

    9. During consideration of the 2005 Defense Department authorization bill, Senator Obama voted to provide additional funding for add-on armor for military vehicles and for additional up-armored military vehicles to help keep our troops in combat safe. According to a report by the New York Times, roughly half of the Army’s 20,000 Humvees are fitted with improvised shielding that leaves the underside unprotected, while only one in six Humvees used by the Marines is armored at the highest level of protection.

    10. Senator Obama cosponsored the Combat Meth Act, which provides more money for fighting methamphetamine (meth), tightens controls on the sale of meth ingredients, and provides assistance to the children of meth abusers. The legislation would limit access to cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine, the primary ingredient used to make methamphetamine. This bill passed the Senate and became law in the 109th Congress.

    11. Senator Obama cosponsored Dru’s Law which creates a nationwide sex offender database and requires greater monitoring of sex offenders upon their release from prison. The bill passed the Senate in July of 2005. This legislation was incorporated into a larger bill, the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act, which Senator Obama supported and which has been signed into law.

    12. He also cosponsored the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. This bill increases the penalties for sex crimes against children under the age of 12 and creates a national Internet site known as the National Sex Offender Public Registry. The bill would also provide grants to local law enforcement to assist in preventing and investigating sex crimes against minors.

    13. Senator Obama cosponsored the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act which passed the Senate on October 4, 2005 and was subsequently signed into law. The Act provides important funding and assistance to help communities, non-profit organizations, and law enforcement combat domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. The Act establishes a sexual assault services program and provides grants for education programs to prevent domestic violence and encourage reporting of abuses.

    14. In January 2007, Senator Obama reintroduced the Summer Term Education Programs for Upward Progress Act (STEP UP) to address the achievement gaps among schoolchildren in the early grades. STEP UP establishes a grant program to support summer learning opportunities to be offered by local schools or community organizations. The bill was included in a comprehensive proposal to improve U.S. competitiveness that passed the Senate in July 2007, and was signed into law in August.

    15. Barack Obama’s first bill as a U.S. Senator was the HOPE Act (Higher Education Opportunity Through Pell Grant Expansion Act) which would help make college more affordable for many Americans. The bill would increase the maximum Pell Grant from the then current limit of $4,050 to a new maximum of $5,100. Through his work on the Senate HELP Committee, Senator Obama has worked to increase the maximum Pell Award to $5,100 next year, and to $5,400 over the next several years, an increase of 25% over current levels.

    16. As early as February 2005, Senator Obama warned of a shortfall in the VA budget. Four months later, the VA reported that in fact it had more than a $1 billion shortfall. Senator Obama cosponsored a bill that led to a $1.5 billion increase in veterans’ medical care. During the debate on the Fiscal Year 2007 budget, Senator Obama cosponsored measures that would have provided additional funding increases for veterans.

    In January 2007, Senator Obama reintroduced the Lane Evans Veterans Health and Benefits Improvement Act to improve the VA’s planning process to avoid budget shortfalls in the future. The bill requires the VA and the Department of Defense to work together and share data so that we know precisely how many troops will be returning home and entering the VA system.

    17. Every year, 400,000 veterans across the country, including an estimated 38,000 in Chicago, spend some time living on the streets. Senator Obama has been a leader in fighting homelessness among veterans. He authored the Sheltering All Veterans Everywhere Act (SAVE Act) to strengthen and expand federal homeless veteran programs that serve over 100,000 homeless veterans annually. During the debate on the Fiscal Year 2007 budget, Senator Obama passed an amendment to increase funding for homeless veterans programs by $40 million. These funds would benefit programs that provide food, clothing, mental health and substance abuse counseling, and employment and housing assistance to homeless veterans.

    18. Senator Obama introduced an amendment that became law providing food services to wounded veterans receiving physical therapy or rehabilitation services at military hospitals. Previously, service members receiving physical therapy or rehabilitation services in a medical hospital for more than 90 days were required to pay for their meals.

    I respect Senator Clinton. My values and ideas line up more closely with Senator Obamas.

    Please vote for him on Tuesday.

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