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Hillary Clinton and the ’smart fence’

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So, it is looking more and more like Texas will have some say in the Presidential Picking Showdown of 2008. In an effort to get prepped for a Texas primary and to help people make more informed decisions (and to keep The Onion from always being right ; ) here is a little info from April 2006 from the folks at Newsday, an actual paper, and not to be confused with crazies at NewsMax :

Clinton backs border ’smart fence’
Newsday Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton raised eyebrows this weekend by saying that she thought use of a “smart fence” along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border could identify people approaching the barrier.

The statement, made in response to a question posed by a Daily News columnist, puts Clinton on the same page with some conservative members of the House. The House included a study of such a fence in the get-tough immigration bill it passed last year.

Earlier, Clinton had said that measure, which includes a provision criminalizing assistance to illegal immigrants, would have resulted in the imprisonment of “Jesus himself.”

Clinton, who has not played a central role in the frenzied negotiations over reforms, still supports a bipartisan Senate bill providing a path to citizenship for undocumented workers.

Read it all and let us know what you think…

20 Responses to “Hillary Clinton and the ’smart fence’”

  1. Lucy Says:

    I thought Hillary Clinton said she did not support driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants during the debate.

  2. Karen Says:

    Obama voted for the fence too.

  3. Experience Says:

    Wnen does experience count?
    When do we pull in someone who is experienced?
    Does experience matter in a crisis?

  4. judy barr Says:

    Obama is a smooth talker, but no substance. The only thing he is interested in is being first black president. He was also the first to play the race card, a flip flopper on drivers licenses. He will do nothing to help the economy.This guy will say anything to get the nomination. Do we really want to take a chance of having another George Bush in office? His wife is obnoxious as well.She said that if he doesn’t get the nomination she will NOT support the other candidate. Hillary is experienced and the best candidate for the job. VOTE HILLARY.

  5. Jeff Says:

    Vote for experience! Vote Hillary! The Clinton’s days favored the poorer and gave a boost to the economy. She stated it took one CLinton to clean up a Bush mess and we need experience to clean up another. The idea of change is a nice moving idea. But it however takes experience to drive it home. Think about it his intergrity has not been tested, but everyone else’s has.
    Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jeff Says:

    Just a reminder that under Bill Clinton, Latinos were appointed to positions in the administration, some of them history-making appointments. I would tend to believe that Hillary will continue the tradition of recognizing the contributions of Latinos by placing them in her administration. See below:

    President Bill Clinton names Federico Peña to the position of Secretary of Transportation;
    President Bill Clinton names Henry Cisneros to the cabinet position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD); he is the first Hispanic to hold that post. President Bill Clinton appoints Norma Cantú, the former director of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, to the position of Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Department of Education. The president also appoints 25 Hispanics to positions that need confirmation by the Senate

  7. Julie Says:

    ESPERAR - HOPE! America needs Senator Obama. Hispanics need Obama and WANT Obama. Just because Senator Clinton is a woman, her legacy is that of a mean spirit and misguidance. In this election I have seen many faces of both Hillary and Bill Clinton. They keep reinventing themselves to serve a circumstance or need. Senator Obama has stayed his course in his beliefs and politics. I do not agree with everything he is offering, but I do believe in him and truthfulness. Our history shows we have had 12 years of Bush leadership which has not served us well. Do we want this country to possibly have 16 years of Clinton leadership and more unethical history? America needs a fresh start, a new page, a chance to change history that will only start with changes in the White House. ESPERAR!

  8. Todd Smyth Says:

    The fence is a waste of money and window dressing to make it look like they are doing something. I worked for Customs and Border Protection for 5 years as a trainer and the vast majority of people who cross the border come by 18 wheel truck and rail car through highway and rail ports and would not be affected by a fence or wall. I am equaly horrified by both the waste of money for a fence and the scape-goating of the people who cross.

    What we need to do is turn down the heat on this issue and shed more light on it by putting all the cards on the table and talk about this problem in a fair and just way, without all the heated rhetoric and scape-goating and we need to work out a fair and just solution with everyone fully informed.

  9. lupe Says:

    anyone know why Clinton campaign manager left her post, being of mexican descent….now hillary wants the hispanic votes from texas, WOW. If hispanics want change i agree with Julie “HOPE”
    justs like JFK’s dream I say “LA O’BAMBA” for USA.

  10. lopez Says:

    on another note: I heard that Clinton campaign forbids the word “Super delegates”, when the media 60 minutes once sees Chelsie “inviting??? the super delects to lunch ,,,
    when in desperate time, it call for desperate messures….

  11. lopez Says:

    any ony know why the campaign manager left Hillary?? Her parents are from Mexico and now she wants our support will she drop us later???? I say hispanics for “LA O’BAMBA” he believes in change just like JFK………….

  12. Jesse Says:

    Obama is the one with the best Idea’s and Judgement.
    I think he understands everyone and the way he speaks… He is just the right person at this time.

    I can’t trust Hillary clinton. She has a character issue…
    She has non. She is out for Hillary.

    Voting OBAMA in San Antonio

  13. Jeff Says:

    Build your houses on solid ground vote Hillary for “experience”, Vote Obama your hous eis on sandy ground, However the democrats have a chance with HIllary otherwise the smarter democrats will end up going republican. Kind of sad that a dreamer has painted such a pretty picture and all of “WORDS”

    GO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. raigne Says:

    latinos pick wisely

    Connecting dots imagining /wondering - an opportunity for sane policies
    By Donnaca Raigne - Feb 12th, 2008 at 12:04 pm EST

    I’m excited by what Barak brings to the table.
    I hope ladies who are bent on casting their vote(s) for Hillary Clinton
    think long and hard with
    what is at stake.
    Hillary and McCain are not the caliber to interact with persons world
    wide. More of ther same.

    Being bought persons they offer no change but much of the same.
    Sorry. Hillary hubby’s pardoningof Marc Rich and Lieberman’s guiding
    angry McCain as like a wheelbarrow.

    An Obama presidency would excite peoples everywhere in a belief that
    the USA was once
    again on a path striving to be the hope of mankind. To have such a
    talented human rise up to
    become leader of the free world - what a message to send to one and all.
    Were he to pick Ms Clinton as VP then we would have :) two black
    presidents in the WH. I wonder if he could deal with Bill wondering if
    he would tarnish the surroundings as like previously being the case.

    Sharpton (T Brolly fame) Jackson (Jesse) diminished - Obama toppings all.
    Whiners of such hues would be quited and their brethern left feeling
    that prideful respectability from such presidency - akin to hose whom
    John F. Kennedy gave pride and making people of his ancestry proud.
    With 85% of the world’s people being non white
    what a signal to send to friend and foe alike. No more excuses but
    being obliged to get on with it.
    Son of an an enslaved people rising up within a short number of years -
    a miracle I hope for. An America reborn for greatness renewed. Not
    serving the interests of those powerful sqeeky wheel lobbyists who
    drain us dry by having to protect their specialized statelet through
    wars and the loss of our youthful blood along with our brainwashed
    mouthings, ala Pavlov’s dogs - in the process.
    Just pray that Obama stays true and not stray - somehow I feel his
    passion to do right. After some years having passed of insanity I’m
    daring to hope.

  15. Rico Says:

    Experience is a wonderful quality in a leader. But experience is only good if you learn from your experiences and make wise decisions as a result of those experiences.

    Hillary’s vote to send our sons and daughters to die in this useless war has cost thousands of lives and close to one trillion dollars (more than $3,000 for every man woman and child in this country, rich and poor and young and old).

    This entire war could have been avoided if Hillary and other senators had taken the time to read one intelligence report. Just as Bush ignored the warnings about Bin Laden before September 11th, Hillary chose not to spend time and read through the report.

    Senators that took the time to read the report voted no. Yes, she has experience. George Bush has experience as well. And I do not know of anyone wanting to give him 4 more years because he has experience.

    I will take my chances with the new guy. I believe he is a very wise man and I believe he is sincere and wants to and will be able to accomplish many wonderful things for our country. I think he can bring us together to solve many problems.

    And most importantly, his hands do not bear the stain of our childrens’ blood that has been spilt in foreign lands for absolutely no reason.

  16. PDC Says:

    Obama is The Savior “I have a set of gifts right now that I think could really move the country forward” “It’s my job to offer myself… here’s what I think I can do.” The 60 Minute interview. You decide:

  17. NRW Says:

    Stop comparing Barack Obama to JFK. President Kennedy came from a political family and was a young Senator but still almost led us into a nuclear war. As someone who is involved in politics let me make you all aware of something…the Republicans have their opposition research teams working as we argue amongst ourselves.
    Here, in Texas, Republicans are voting in our open primary for Barack Obama because they know their research is strong. Barack Obama is a candidate they can defeat and will defeat when they cast their vote for McCain in the general.
    I know it may difficult for some of you but THINK! Cast your vote wisely.

  18. Darth Paul Says:

    They’re both cut from the same cloth. However, given Hillary’s history of cozying up to who ever to get her pet bills passed (this is called “bipartisanship” I think, but it sounds like pandering BS to me) and her bizarre, borderline offensive tone regarding civil rights and feminism, I’m voting for Obama.

    Per the fence: it’s a cosmetic money pit designed to appease threatened elitists and downright bigots. It won’t actually do a thing other than squander MORE of our tax $ and encourage illegals to be more creative in their crossing attempts.

  19. Rodrigo Says:

    Hello community,

    I’m a latino who supports Hillary Clinton for President.

    Hillary is the only candidate with experience needed to change the course of our country. Hillary understand that everyone should have the ability to seek medical need when they need it. I strongly believe that she can bring Universal Healthcare to the United States and cover people like me. I go to school full time and work part time at a retail store and I don’t have any health insurance because I can’t afford it. Hillary will work hard, and has worked hard, against big insurance companies to achieve this for me and everyone else.

    Obama is not the candidate who can change the nation. If you see and hear him you can tell he plays on peoples emotions by using words, which by the end of the day are just words. He makes everyone believe that our politics and government are EASY and SIMPLE to fix. He forgets and fails to convey to his followers that in order for things to begin to change the President needs to work with Congress. If he thinks that he is going to come in and change things real quick, he will meet resistance in Congress. His lack of experience is also a big factor that I just cannot get around. My honest believe on his lack of experience is that it will not help us AT ALL in the Middle East and around the world. We need a President with enough politial experience to deal with the world that President Bush has shaped. We need to be honest and realized that Hillary and even McCain have that experience. Obama is just trying to climb the poltical latter to fast and not trying to gain experience in the position that he is currently in.

    But the one thing that gets me real angry is how the Obama camp along with the media and his supporters have made him a candidate who you CANNOT QUESTION!. You can’t question his experience, his past statements, his lack of complete answers during a debate. You can’t question him PERIOD. He is a candidate that plays on peoples emotions with words just like he wants to play the Hispanic community by chanting words like SI SE PUEDE! He started to do this after he realized that he needed the Hispanic community and not just the African-American community to win.

    The hispanic community needs to come together to send a message to Obama that we will not be played and that we need a candidate who understands our struggles. Hillary Clinton is that candidate!! Please join me and support Hillary through word of mouth among friends, family even at school and our workplace. We cannot let Obama use the money from his rich supportes to drown out the message of Hillary Clinton: THE PEOPLES CANDIDATE.

    Thank You!

  20. Cory Says:

    NRW and Rodrigo are absolutely right. First of all it is not a secret the GOP wants Obama. They know that’s how they can and will win. Aside from that Obama has not said or done anything original. No entiendo! What is with all the hype with this fraud? Can someone please tell me? All I hear him say is Yes we can…and? Is that what it takes to be president? That’s so childish! I hope Texas comes through for Hillary because I firmly believe if Obama wins the nomination, McCain will be president.

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