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Xavier Becerra, and two Kennedys endorse Obama

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So, LFT is not officially involved in presidential primaries, so consider this just information, not advocacy, as we consider the role Texas will play in this very exciting election:

…the House’s highest-ranking Latino, California Rep. Xavier Becerra, also announced that he is backing Obama.

The (Ted) Kennedy endorsement could also give Obama a lift among Hispanic voters, thanks to Kennedy’s high profile on immigration legislation. The Obama campaign, which lags far behind Clinton among Hispanic voters, according to national polls, will be expectedly to prominently display the endorsements by both Kennedys in Latino communities.

with a h/t to dKos

13 Responses to “Xavier Becerra, and two Kennedys endorse Obama”

  1. Oscar Says:

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    A review of Obama’s staff from State Senate to U.S. Senate reveals that he has never hired a Latino for his office or campaign staff.

  2. site admin Says:

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    hey Oscar:

    in the language of wikipedia: “citation needed.”

    i mean you may be right, you may be wrong, but ya gotta provide something as to a source. as everyone knows, 77.2% of all statistics can just be made up ; )


  3. d. buitrago Says:

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    Latinos, Hispanics, Chicanos, Tejanos: I keep seeing on the news and reading in the newspapers that “Clinton will get the Latino vote in Texas” like she just did in California. The media has already counted your votes apparently?! I am speaking as a latino living in California, and yes, I believe in Barack Obama. Understand that I was a Clinton supporter a year ago. But since the race began, and I’ve had a chance to hear both candidates, I have discovered a candidate that is honest, humble, and who is a born leader. The more I heard Obama speak, the more I knew that this was no ordinary election. This man is destined to lead this country. It will be the Latino vote that will ultimately decide this election. That is a powerful opportunity! Please don’t take this vote lightly! All I ask is that you vote with reason. The media has already counted your vote. Latinos, Chicanos, we are the New America. Our voice is BIG. Let it be heard. Don’t just vote for a name. Those days are over. I have never endorsed a politician before because I have never felt compelled to do so. I do now. Barack Obama is the best candidate for changing America. We need a LEADER, now more than ever. Gente, let’s unite and change America!

  4. Latifa Says:

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    Obama Does Support Latinos very much so.

    At a recent debate Obama said he believes illegal immigrants should get driver’s licenses when Hillary said she did not think they should get licenses. Obama said these people came here to work and not to drive. He will support a path to citizenship for immigrants and the right to drive with a license.

    Read the article by Hector Avalos in the Ames Tribune
    “Obama has apeal toLatinos”

    Please support Obama when you Vote on March 4th in the Texas primary as the democratic nominee for President.

    America needs change and he can help make things change for the regular people and not just the people with money or big business.

    go to the Latinos for Obama Website on for more informatition or questions.

    Together we can and YES WE CAN !!!

  5. MIchael Field Says:

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    As much as I want to like Obama (as he is by far the most charismatic candidate),here are a few reasons why I cannot vote for him. Please change my mind if you are so inclined.

    1. I want a president who will show up. Look at his voting record for the 110th congress. Campaigning aside, he has considerably more ‘no votes’ than nearly anyone. It’s easy never to be questioned on your position, if you don’t vote.
    See for yourself:

    He has built his entire campaign around the fact that he was always against the war. The fact is HE DIDNT VOTE. When you don’t vote you can’t be held accountable. Saying after the fact that you wouldn’t have voted for it is not the same as voting NO. Just Google: Obama didn’t vote against war

    2. Foreign relations/policy. He ACTUALLY said “probably the strongest experience I have in foreign relations is the fact that I spent four years living overseas as a child in Southeast Asia.” This was from age 6 - 10 years old. Think carefully about the words ’strongest experience’….and then google the whole line.

    3. His lack of experience shows. Please read this story:

    Now, remember Novak is the (expletive) that leaked Valerie Plame’s name to the press in his attempt to discredit her husband Joe Wilson after Wilson wrote an Op Ed piece saying their was never eveidence to invade Iraq. (just google: Novak Wilson Op Ed)….The fact that now Novak pits Obama and Clinton on one another and that Obama takes the baits shows his paranoia and lack of experience. No democrat would either trust Novak, or provide him with information. Notice that no one else was reporting that ‘Clinton had dirt on Obama’. But Obama reacts to this event without exploring the facts. Sound familiar?

    4. Free pass on cocaine use?
    IN the era where the uproar over Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant at age 16 and that her TV show should pull the series because it sends a bad message to American youth (gimme a break)….do we really want to have our children say…”but mom, its ok that I do cocaine, President Obama did and he turned out ok”…I’m just saying.

    5. Lots of Anti-gay stuff to concern yourself with, just google: Obama Anti-gay.
    Here’s one:

    6. Other than his one note of “I was always against the war in Iraq” & “I bring a message of hope and change”, what do you know about his vision? What has he done for Illinois? A fun google: What has Obama done for Illinois

    7. Am I the only person that watches Clinton refer to him as Senator Obama, whereas he refers to her as Hillary? Condescending and rude.

    8. 8 things about Obama and Rezko:,CST-NWS-watchd

    9. Finally when he was in Van Nuys meeting with So Cal homeowners, I was excited to learn about where he stood on some issues. After cannibalizing the current washington view of a one time kick back check for people, a home owner asked where the money comes for something like that, here’s the exchange:
    Obama: Well, there are two separate aspects to this. The tax rebate, that is a one time thing. And that just comes out of general revenue. And, you know–
    Homeowner Vitello: Is there money still in general revenue?
    Obama: Well, you know, I mean it depends on sort of, you know, it’s all paper money, right? It’s, we’re already in deficit. The problem is, if we don’t do that, and the recession lasts longer, then the loss in revenue to the federal treasury is so much greater from a long standing recession.

    It’s easy for him to recycle other people viewpoints as his own (nearly everyone talked about a one time stimulus check), but his lack of articulation speaks volumes when he is asked to expand on that idea.

    I want a president who will bring more than a “message” of hope and change. I want a president who brings a plan, and works to put that plan into action. This is perhaps the most crucial period in the young history of our culture–with an ongoing meaningless war, a failing housing marketing, an energy crisis, environmental doom lingering on the horizon there’s never been a more important vote in my life. While Obama may appeal to the ‘heart’, let your ‘head’ make you vote. Investigate, learn all you can…it’s all out there.

  6. Billy Yeh Says:

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    We’ve been posting on this blog to get the word out about why we believe Barack Obama will be the next great president. However, he seems to be having a really tough time with older voters, middle-age women and Latinos (if California is an indicator). We feel that the same may happen to Texas and we’re trying to get people to help spread his message of Hope throughout Texas.

  7. Billy Yeh Says:

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    One other thing I wanted to mention is that I’m Asian and there were lots of middle-aged Asians who didn’t vote for Obama because he’s black. I can speak from my own experiences that my parents were partial to Hillary because of Obama’s ethnicity. You would think that in 2008, we can treat each other as human beings first and look past race, gender, religion, etc. However, there’s still an entire generation which very much looks at race, ethnicity, religion, etc.

    I’m not entirely happy about some of the African Americans who voted for Obama just because he’s black. I think they really need to vote for him because he speaks from his heart. That’s why it’s the same reason why I don’t want someone to vote for Obama just because of what I say, but to go to YouTube or our blog site and listen to his MLK 2008 speech or the 2004 DNC speech.

    Obama doesn’t tell the American people that “The people want to know that government will keep the American people safe.” In fact, Obama talks about Hope and how it’s not “Blind Optimism”. The American people doesn’t just kick back and Washington will magically fix all of our problems. Obama says that it’s going to be a struggle, hard work, but that together, we will be able to achieve greatness! It’s exactly what JFK was saying. The government doesn’t really do anything for you. They set the policies and create the conditions so that the American people can achieve greatness! That’s how we were able to put a man on the moon and that’s how we’re going to solve the most pressing problems facing this country today.

  8. Oscar Says:

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    Latifa provides a great example of the lack of understanding, on the part of Obama supporters and campiagn, about the Latino vote in Texas. In particular the Mexican-American vote in Texas, although most Mexican-Americans in Texas are sympathetic to the exploitation of the illegal immigrant in the United States, the majority of Texas’ Mexican American population have no problem securing a drivers license. Most Mexican Americans in Texas are decendents of families that have been here before drivers license were created. The Mexican American voter in Texas cannot be drawn into a political agenda that does not have a proven record of a willingness to share political and economic opportunity with all groups in American society.

    We just diagree this time around.

  9. chaos45i Says:

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    There is a legitimate reason why people should not blindly vote for Barack Obama. I have been reporting all over the internet since before Obama decided to even run that it can be verified that IL. U.S. Senator Presidential Candidate Barack Obama , IL. U.S. Senator Dick Durbin co-chair Obama 2008 are being complicit in allowing the Illinois Department of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to treat me an American U.S. Hispanic citizen who reported incidents of race discrimination in the state of Illinois in an unequal, biased, & discriminatory manner by preventing me the same race discrimination charges non-Hispanics enjoy as a matter of record and then covering up their conduct. Despite there being ample time for each to respond, redress, and stop the above mentioned serious form of discrimination nothing ,to date, has been done to fairly & fully address, redress,and stop this still ongoing serious form of discrimination which has allowed Hormel Foods Corporation, UFCW, and Target Corporation to not be held accountable for race discrimination against me because I happen to be Hispanic. Inaction ,complicity, & deliberate silence on the part of (for instance but not limited to) Obama and Durbin are responsible for my American civil rights continuing to be violated in Illinois as it relates to this serious form of discrimination in their state of Illinois and for nothing being done to fully & fairly redress and stop this still ongoing form of discrimination against an American who happens to be a Hispanic in Illinois. Hispanics who Know are just showing they will not be willing victims of his “Good Judgement”. He has this still going on in Illinois as we speak but Barack Obama tells Hispanic/Latinos nothing about it! I repeat this is verifiable, ongoing and Barack Obama should address it but does not and you can guess why. Included is a link to just one example (If you happen to be a Hispanic/latino like me you can not be the victim of race discrimination in Illinois as I can atest) this is on IDHR’s own website in the public domain.,%20M.htm

  10. Jesse Says:

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    I am voting for OBAMA! He is the answer to finding a way out of this border mess.
    We need jobs and good judgement. Obama has both.
    Tell everyone you know . Obama will be respectable and work with everyone.
    Hillary has proven she can not be trusted. Look at what happened to her in Iowa. How dirty she became in each primary.
    She even allowed her campaign manager to say that Iowa didn’;t matter after the vote.

    Give me a break!

    Obama is Presidential.

  11. sara Says:

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    I, along with my 2,000 south texas primos, primas, tios, tias, are ALL voting for HILLARY. And this is just my biological family…imagine when we take along our neighbors and their primos, primas, tios, tias, etc….you get the point! ARRIBA HILLARY!

  12. Maria Celaya Says:

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    Barack Obama is a mulatto born in Hawaii. He had a Caucasian teen mother and a father born in Africa. His grandparents reared him. His unique background enables him to understand the concerns of immigrants, because he once shared their experience. He tells the story of his own mother’s battle with cancer while lacking adequate healh insurance. His commitment to affordable health insurance represents more than a political issue, it’s personal.

    Obama understands what it’s like for young boys growing up searching for an identity. He made mistakes, but realized that he would only succeed through hard work and study. He took out loans for college and law school. When he graduated from Harvard, he could have gone to work for a corporation and make enormous amounts of money. Instead, he went to work as a community organizer. He continues to fight for the poor, the immigrant, and the disenfranchised. He and his lawyer wife are still paying off their school loans.

    Obama’s humble life experience surpasses that of Hillary Clinton who has had the same amount of time in the Senate, but counts her marriage as 35 years of “experience” (entitilement). Moreover, Hillary Clinton has a lot of dirty laundry that the Republicans will use to beat her. Barack Obama has not been corrupted by politics, in fact, he wants to change all that. He wants to empower citizens and has restored their trust in a leader and hope in our country.

    I don’t want a president who did not have the wisdom to vote against the war. It’s not enough for Hillary to say that she didn’t know then. Too many young men have died due to that kind of ignorance.

    My parents were born in Mexico, but became American citizens. They worked hard, but I still had to take out loans to go to college; my son will also need to do the same. My husband is self-employed, so we have to pay for our own health insurance. We are voting for Barack Obama, because he undertands our life experience and will work on our behalf.

  13. nicky Says:

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    ¡Si se puede!
    “Una Voz” de Obama, subtitulado -
    Please circulate widely…

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