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Representative Richard Raymond’s blog

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Richard Raymond’s 2007 Capitol Report VLOG (video blog)

Today I cosponsored a bill to move the 2008 Texas Primaries to February.

Today I cosponsored a bill, House Bill 993, by Rep. Alonzo of Dallas. This bill would move the Democratic and Republican primaries in 2008 to the first Tuesday in February.

We’re going to have a new President elected next year. And the Texas primary right now is too late in the process for Texas to have any meaningful impact on who the nominees are — both Democrat and Republican. I’ve talked with a lot of Democrats and Republicans and we’re all in agreement that it would be a good idea to move the primary to the first Tuesday in February. It’s after New Hampshire but it’s still early enough in the process that we’ll actually have a real impact.


I am so impressed with our Representatives using multi-media tools and the Internet to get their message out. Congratulations to Representative Raymond on his video blog! And he’s got the post and video in both English and Spanish too.

Oh and kudos on the bill too which I support whole heartedly. HB 993 We need to make sure Texas counts.

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  1. mario Says:

    moving the Texas primary to february would be great for several reasons:

    1. even among the interested, many people dont vote because they think it will make no difference. and in some cases, it is hard to argue to the contrary. (chanhing the horserace frame in the MSM would help, too.)

    2. making texas in play in 2008 is a great way to improve progressive chances nationally. a sort of fight them here so we dont have to fight them there, if you will. tho, more accurately, a fight them everywhere strategy. limited resources on the R side will engender strategic and structural difficulties. progressives can sow the seeds of those difficulties by being motivated (’hey, my vote will make a difference’), and nurture it with organization (hello

    3. the free news (aka ‘earned media’) of the change will undoubtedly raise awareness that there even is a primary and caucus system! every few additional points of involvement can add up to meaningful change.

    and i am sure there are more, but these pop right to mind. any other ones pop to your mind?


  2. Arturo Gomez Says:

    What has happen to the mexican American voters? Why are we dormant? We have an hispanic running for president that has the best resume than most, and he is not getting any coverage, instead the news media keeps the Osama oops Obama bubble intact. I truly feel that we should start leting our voices be heard. I do not hear you Raza Unida.

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