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A new La Politiquera is available

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Alfredo Santos writes in to let us know that a new issue of La Politiquera is available at his website:

Among many other interesting articles, this issue’s By The Numbers has some sobering statistics on Hispanics in high school, 2-yr college, and universities.

Always an intriguing read. Thanks Santos!


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  1. Raquel Martinez Says:

    i just happened upon your website and it is interesting. I live in Donna, a political hotbed. and if you are on the wrong side of the olitics you need to shut up in order to keep you job at the school district and the city (two top employers i town.) i work for neither, so I pretty much speak my mind and get into a lot of trouble for it. Oh well, life is rough. look up a new friend puts it up, i just manage to get a lot of the information. if something happens here i get the phone calls. maybe you would like to visit this little town someday. feel free to go and eat at Danny’s(not denny’s) Cafe on old 83. that’s the lifeline in town. need to confirm a rumor or find someone go there. 956-463-7418
    Believe me–it’s a lot of fun here.
    I left this town in 1983, to join my husband who is now a retired Marine, and returned in 1999, and I have enjoyed my return.

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