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A TDP Convention wrap-up (mostly links)

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Well that was a heck of a 36 hours.

As i am sure you know by now, Boyd Richie was elected in a run-off nail-biter 52%-48%. He won the election, and so he should have all our support.

Glen gave a hell of a candidate’s speech, and a top-tier concession speech, and BOR post.

Of course its tempting to let things just coast along while we Maxey supporters ponder how we got so close, yet didnt cross the line, but we gotta pull like our candidate won. We grassroots and active folks (and the new blood on the SDEC) gotta hold the new chairman’s feet to the fire to do all the things he talked about, AND we have to hold our own feet to the fire and do what we said we would do. Uniendo Comunidades, as we like to say.

This was my first state convention, i got elected to nominations committee (thanks SD14!) and generally got an intriguing education. I was honored to give the official motion to recommend “all” candidates for State Chair, rather then a “no recommendation,” even after some moves by Richie’s camp to kick Maxey supporter Rich Bailey off the nominations committee.

With Glen’s loss, I was disheartened for a while, but when i look around at all that we and our allies have done in a state this big this red this diverse, i still get excited.

how was your experience? what did you learn, see, experience?

onward, forward,

10 Responses to “A TDP Convention wrap-up (mostly links)”

  1. Sonia Santana Says:

    No coasting, we can’t afford it. I thought it was a good convention. Lots of organization problems though. We had hour plus waits for credentials in SD25, and large caucuses stuck in rooms too small to hold the crowd. That’s just crazy.

    Two suggestions for next convention I’d like to see. Rules training. I know this convention was unusual with a chair race, but still I don’t like being out maneuvered because not everyone knows the rules. And I don’t just mean the chair race, this happened in caucuses as well.

    And secondly, we need to get on board with Democratas Unidos. Dos Centavos posted a blog about the decision to unite the Hispanic Caucus (i.e. all the Latino caucuses - Tejano Democrats, Mexican-American Democrats, Progressive Latinos etc) for better strength in the party. I think this makes a lot of sense.
    The big news: A rules change in the bylaws. The Rules Committee made a change in which the Tejano Democrats caucus will now be known as the Hispanic Caucus. This was accomplished, in part, because of the show of unity exhibited by various Texas House members from around the state. All showed their commitment to working together to increase Latino voter turnout across the state at a press conference held on Saturday morning at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

  2. Nikki Says:

    I wrote about my convention experience over on my blog so pretty please click on my name and go check it out.

  3. site admin Says:

    hey nikki:

    whats your blog url again?

  4. LaGirlFriday Says:

  5. Teri Says:

    Good summary and analysis, Mario. And great blog from you, Nikki. I share your sentiments (even though I’m not sure I quite qualify as a member of your generation). I hope you all can come to the DFT meetup this Wednesday (6/14, 7pm, Mother Egan’s), as we’ll talk more about what happened, how, and why, and what we must do next to keep this incredible positive momentum going.

    Love you guys–

  6. Stace Medellin Says:

    Gracias, Sonia.

    I tried to write the post without stepping on toes. The main thing is that all these caucuses are made of up of the delegates that represent the rest of the people. And it is the people we represent at convention, first and foremost. This unified, inclusive caucus (because it welcomes those not even in Hispanic Dem organizations) provides an opportunity to influence rule changes and Party policy as a unified group.

    Now, there will be a few (like the 10% that voted against unification) that may try to thwart these efforts. I’ll remain pro-unity in my blog and I do not intend to be tricked into a debate with people who talk down organizations and individuals. It’s that type of behavior within our community that keeps us down. Besides, we have blogs, websites, etc. and we can make sure that only positive things are said.

    See you all soon–a huge storm is hitting us right now my lights are about to go out!


  7. Nikki Says:


    You know now I feel like I need to rework that post a bit because of course I include you and crew in my sentiments, I was thinking of it more as my political generation, as if there’s was a new birth in the party with the Dean candidacy that brought in or rather made activists out of, a whole new group of people. For the record, I think you rock. Anyway, that’s all.

  8. Lila Says:

    Teri totally rocks!! Thanks for the nice message from Saturday. I didn’t get it until Sunday…y basta with Sprint!! I’m sorry I will not be able to make it to DFT Meetup tonight. I have class. :( But please know that I am there for you guys whenever you need me.

  9. Teri Says:

    Well, golly. Looks like we’ve got a big ol’ mutual fan club.

    Lila, we missed you and Michael last night, but I think it’s great that you’re pursuing your studies; it will be cool (and useful!) to have an expert demographer on the scene.

    Nikki, yeah, you’re right, we are part of the same political generation, which includes 17-year-old David Broockman, the 91-year-old grandma who was stickering people for Glen last weekend, and all of us somewhere in between who were stirred to action in 2003 and refuse to go away.

    I’m so glad you all are part of the movement.

  10. Sonia Santana Says:

    SD4. If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch Stace Medellin’s post on the tally team in SD4 you must go read it now. Really funny, Stace, especially the part about going Cartman on the team.

    Hola Stace!


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