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Texans Support Pre-K Education

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Via Quorum Report we see the following amazing poll findings:


Intent is to focus the issue while discussing school finance.

Nearly 69 percent of Texans think state lawmakers should provide pre-K programs and more than 75 percent of Texans would vote for a candidate who backed the creation of a statewide pre-K program, according to a survey of 1,200 registered voters released Monday by the United Ways of Texas.

The survey was conducted soon after the March primaries by Republican consultant Todd Smith, said Karen Johnson, president and chief executive officer of the United Ways of Texas. In all, 1,200 registered voters took part in the phone survey.

With lawmakers mired in talks on how to create a more stable funding source for the state’s public schools, Johnson said that she wanted to start a discussion on the importance of pre-K education.

Education is the key to success in life. Early childhood education, along with parental involvement, is the key to reducing gaps in performance among Anglo children and minority children. Texas will have a weaker future unless we get our act together and figure how to fund public education, let alone pre-K education. It’s what Texas voters want and it’s what the future of Texas depends on.

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  1. Angelica Martinez Says:

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    I am a mother of a 3yr old. I do wish there was a pre-k program that my son could would be able to attend. I have worked with him at home and find that he is very willing to learn anything that I present to him. I do not know spanish myself, but would love for my son to be able to speak it. He is already able to spell and write his name. I do not want him to lose anything he has learned at home. If there is not a prgram he can go into then I am afraid that he will get discouraged. It this age, children are ready for us to mold them into the people we would like them to be. Education is the beginning of the man he will become.

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