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Austin Chron endorses Mike Martinez

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Mike Martinez, Latinos For Texas Endorsed candidate for Austin City Council, Place 2, has received the Austin Chronicle endorsement - Congratulations!

Early Voting begins next week. Blockwalking continues this weekend, so get out and make a positive impact on this little city.

BREAKING NEWS: Austin Chronicle endorses Mike’s vision for Austin!

“…On balance we’ve decided that Martinez represents more of what the council needs right now. He’s been dramatically successful as president of the Austin Association of Professional Firefighters, winning collective bargaining and using that right to improve the lot of his members, while yet engaging the broader departmental issues – like staffing and resources – with the council in a manner that wins allies rather than alienates opponents.

He’s also lent his voice and energies on broad progressive issues, and in particular he’s worked effectively to move the fire department forward on questions of diversity and equity. Moreover, his specific experience in negotiations is likely to pay dividends on the dais, where council members all too often find themselves effectively negotiating for authority with city staff – Martinez is unlikely to be easily rolled.”

– Austin Chronicle, April 27th, 2006

Read it all at: Austin Chronicle Endorsement!

5 Responses to “Austin Chron endorses Mike Martinez”

  1. Lila Says:

    The Austin Chronicle also endorsed LFT endorsed Sheryl Cole for Place 6. Congratulations, Ms. Cole!

    The Chronicle also raised a point that has confounded us at LFT for a while now — the shortcomings of the quota based gentlemen’s agreement.

    “Possibly after May 13, and certainly after June 17, either Darrell Pierce, DeWayne Lofton, or Sheryl Cole will be on the Austin City Council, and the others won’t. That’s unfortunate. Rather than choosing the lesser of evils that is too often the hallmark of American democracy, voters in this year’s Place 6 race can take comfort that, no matter who they choose, it would be hard to go wrong. All three candidates are thoughtful, committed leaders with long and successful track records of community service and smart ideas for leading Austin into the future. And unfortunately, all three are competing for the same seat that Austin’s increasingly idiotic and now de facto racist “gentleman’s agreement” has come to reserve for a lone African-American on the council. ”

    It’s time to go back to the drawing board when the City Council is stripped of qualified candidates simply due to their race or gender.

  2. mario Says:

    amen to that sentiment! and not just because i have been against it since all qualified women candidates ran against each other in the ‘woman’s’ spot!, but because it IS voluntary, and it doesnt really serve the need it once did.

    when i run, it willl be for whatever spot is up, not some spot reserved for people who look like me.

    vive la evolución

  3. Chito Says:

    Ditto on the gentleman’s agreement. Whatever its merits in the past, today it is patronizing to blacks and Chicanos. If council seats were geographically based, there would probably be two Chicanos and one black councilmember. West Austin is reluctant to give up its power, though. A question…if there was no gentleman’s agreement, would there be a black or chicano councilmember? What percentage of city voters are black/chicano?

  4. Lila Says:

    Well there are 6 council places, and according to the 2000 census, Latinos make up 31% of Austin, Blacks make up 10 %, Asians/Other races make up 6%, and Whites make up 53%.

    So if there were no gentlemen’s agreement and we instead aimed to reflect the racial make up of the city, we would have at least one Black council person, 2 Hispanic council members, and 3 White council members. However, this breakdown would leave 6% of the city of Austin without representation.

    Currently we have one Asian, one Hispanic, and one Black council member plus 3 White council members. This is not exactly reflective of the racial breakdown of the city of Austin.

    Just this morning, KAZI was reflecting on a strategy by former Mayor Gus Garcia to get rid of the gentlemen’s agreement quota system. Initially, Place 5 was the traditional Hispanic seat. In the late 90s, Gus Garcia decided to run for Place 2 in the hopes that if he won Place 2 there would still be a Place 5 that could be filled another Hispanic. While Gus Garcia did win Place 2, another Hispanic candidate did succeed Place 5, reverting back to the traditional one place per race/gender system.

    Me thinks we’re long overdue to follow the lead of our former mayor.

  5. Leola Canada Says:

    Mike Martinez recently got elected to City Council, and I voted for him. I would like to invite him to come and speak this Saturday on Cable Access TV. Can you contact him and ask him to get in touch with me. I am the host of the Show.

    Here is the info to the Show:
    We are also on POD CAST. If you download, you can even watch us live on line on Saturdays from your computer if you like and Call-In to our TV show.

    Find FREE growing collection (includes ‘What’s ON Your Mind’ folder) of InterNet Playbacks streaming via AustinLibertyInterNet Radio/TV
    at (read instructions there)

    Here is all the information about the TV Show that I have hosted for the past 4 years
    The name of the TV Show is, “What’s on Your Mind”?
    > It airs on Saturdays from 5:30pm to 6:30pm CST on Cable Access Channel 10
    Call-In on Saturday at (512) 477-2288
    > The Producer of the Show is Ms. Sue Cole
    > or
    > The studio is located at :
    > 1143 Northwestern Blvd.
    > Austin, TX
    512 478-8600
    > The website is
    > We estimate that there may be 40 50,000 viewers at any given time on
    > Saturdays.

    Hope to hear from some soon on this issue.

    Ms. Canada

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