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Heard on the Street: 2006 Texas Governor’s Race

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Word is the Texas State Employees Union (TSEU) is going to endorse Carole Keeton Strayhorn for Governor. I don’t know if the endorsement includes the CWA and AFL-CIO. TSEU is associated with both of those organizations. Rumor has it part of the reasoning includes leverage in being one of the first orgs to jump on board, Strayhorn’s “viability,” and her promise to launch an investigation into the whole HHSC/Accenture mess upon receipt of a request from a Legislator (or something like that).

My immediate reaction was that the Union traded it’s endorsement for a favor; however it was described as “moving the Union’s agenda forward.” You know, the end justifies the means. This doesn’t sit well with me. Strayhorn is the Comptroller – the CFO of Texas. The controversy surrounding Accenture’s call centers has been mounting for months and the chilling effect of HB 2292 is evident. Strayhorn’s strategy, so far, has included little more than undermining Perry, the call centers should’ve already been on her radar. And if she is elected, can she push through changes to the current law?

The Texas State Teachers Association has also endorsed Strayhorn. Does this worry Bell? Are union members one-issue voters? I hope not.

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  1. Charles Kuffner Says:

    Sadly, this appears to be true. And I agree with your assessment.

  2. Stace Medellin Says:

    Yet, campaigns are required to buy materials with the “union bug.” I think I’ll start a new requirement. Give my campaign money, then I’ll think about buying union stuff! There needs to be a reciprocal commitment: AFL/CIO supported the immigrant tax, Teamsters used non-union labor to build their new hall, now these unions are supporting a Republican. Now, they won’t support the boycott for May 1 as strongly because of supposed “contracts” they negotiated. Next time they go on strike, I’ll have to think about supporting them, instead of jumping on board without reservation.


  3. Sonia Santana Says:

    That just reeks. I agree with you that Strayhorn should already be dealing with call center mess as part of her job now. Bell’s job is to call more attention to the fact the Gov. Goodhair and Grandma are both miserable failures at doing their jobs.


  4. site admin Says:

    i agree with yall that TSEU seems to be over-rewarding Stayhorn for doing her job. Um, the Rs have no history of supporting Unions, and for one promised action (which she probably is already pursuing if she thinks it will help her political battle against Gov. Perry) they will support her… well i think this would be the definition of a short-sighted strategy.

    disappointing indeed!

  5. site admin Says:

    join the rollcall at BOR of those union members taking a stand against the TSEU’s decision…

    and let them know how you feel:
    For more information call (or email by clicking on the name) Will Rogers or Mike Gross at the TSEU Austin office(512) 448-4225

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