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Austin’s March for Immigrant Justice - a Flickr Set

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here are 11,000 words for ya, from Austin:

One View of Austin’s March for Immigrant Justice

a sample:
Marchers on Congress Ave in Austin

The many faces of America, indeed

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10 Responses to “Austin’s March for Immigrant Justice - a Flickr Set”

  1. LaGirlFriday Says:

    here’s one.. hope it works..

  2. Sonia Santana Says:

    Those are the cutest Americans LaGirlFriday. That’s what our future looks like. What a beautiful march today.

    The local rag has some good aerial shots too.

    That’s why some of those helicopters were flying around for.


  3. site admin Says:

    hey LaGirl, lots of great photos of yours! i like this one:

  4. Sonia Santana Says:

    That’s right baby. The bible says we were all once aliens. “You must treat them as one of your native born!”

    LaGirl took wonderful pictures. What a beautiful sea of color. Very successful and peaceful march. I am proud of all of us. Let’s keep it going.

    I was actually standing near the group of 3 robotic minutemen. They hardly ever flinched. They held those computer printed signs against amnesty. LaGirl has a picture of the 3 counter-protestors. Anyway a few of us around them spontaneously decided we would build that wall they wanted. So we surrounded them with a wall of signs being held by immigrants blocking their puny little signs. I wonder how they felt.

  5. LaGirlFriday Says:

    Hey, how did you do that with the link? And I thought I was all technically advanced..

    Sonia, I’ve never met anyone more passionate! ;-)

  6. mike v. Says:

    Yeah Sonia, you rock! And great pictures, LaGirl. It was a great march. Though, I read today that the Rio Grande Valley turnout was pretty much nonexistent. Only about 100 people got together. That doesn’t make sense….

  7. Sonia Santana Says:

    Mike, it’s not that the Valley doesn’t care, it’s just really the whole concept is ridiculous to them for the most part. Immigrants and native born Mexicans, we hardly distinguish the difference. We’re all brothers and sisters. It’s only when they come further north that they get the second class citizen treatment.

    And now for some cultural entertainment. I went to see Del Castillo’s record release at Waterloo today. It was packed. Those guys really rock - no I mean really rock. If you like guitar licks like Santana, you’ll love this band. Anyway they dedicated two of their songs on their CD to immigrants. The CD is called “Brotherhood” and the songs “Brotherhood” and “Vida Latina” are were played for them today. Pick up the CD. I recommend it.

  8. cad Says:

    Great pictures!

  9. Christopher King Says:

    Some Irish guys and a black-Native American guy talk about immigration:

    A piece of peace for you… a piece of peace for me…

  10. Glenn Scott Says:

    Que padre fue la marcha el lunes! What a beautiful powerful people’s march for justice on Monday! I am still so inspired. The feeling of solidarity was so great. I spoke to a man ( in Spanish) on tuesday who is a waitstaff person at a local restaurant. I asked him if he went to the march. He grinned and responded yes! We both smiled and said how wonderful it was.

    I agree with another brother here, that we need to keep this momentum going. As part of a union that represents many immigrant workers at AISD, we need to reach out and spread the word about this movement.

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