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La Marcha

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Open thread for all demonstration-related comments. Reports from across the state welcomed.

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  1. site admin Says:

    fox7 news in austin just reported it as 10,000 people.

    of course you could watc their whole report and not really know what it was about as they went ENTIRELY WITH A TRAFFIC ANGLE!!

    thats right, they interviewed people stuck in traffic! and talked about traffic… and showed cars in traffic.

    at least one guy in a truck talked about how he didnt mind waiting a few minutres so that people could express themselves. but comeone fox 7, the essential part of the story is traffic??

  2. kevin Says:

    I was thinking around 20k at it’s height. Dallas got a ton more by doing it on the weekend.

    My thoughts:
    -thank God Austin’s, like just about every other rally, was safe and without incident.
    -how great it is to see so many young people, who will remember this historic day and hopefully remember that Democrats support them. May they vote with in mind for decades to come!
    -what a smoothly organized march and speakers, etc. I was at several of the planning meetings and they were the model of professionalism, despite the fact that many of the lead organizers are relatively young (20s and 30s).

  3. site admin Says:

    Corpus Christi looking good:

  4. site admin Says:

    Houston news:

  5. Sonia Santana Says:

    I loved the poster with “Today we march, tomorrow we vote”

    Couple of local stories from News 8:
    Immigration rally at the Capitol
    “We’re here to just stand by our people, by our immigrants. Just to let them know that they also have a voice here and we stand by them,” Juan Saucedo, a student at The University of Texas said.

    High school students join in at UT demonstration
    In all, a little more than 1.5 percent of AISD’s total students were out of class Monday: 95 students were reported out from Akins; 11 from Anderson; 165 students from Crockett; 110 students left Johnston; 20 left LBJ High; 200 were reported out from Reagan and 20 students were out of class from Pearce Middle School.

    It took about two hours for the Johnston students to walk from East Austin to campus.

    “It’s worth walking two hours, not just for me, but for all immigrants in history. People walk through the desert,” student Robert Nunez said.

    Si se puede!

  6. Apache Vazquez Says:

    Can someone help me out, I need more info on the rally / walk out that is supposed to be planned for May 1. Is it local, nationwide or what. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  7. site admin Says:

    Hey Apache:

    i heard somewhere about the ‘day without an immigrant’ style stay-at-home/dont-spend-money thing…

    has a call to action and some info, i dont know how widespread is the planning so far…

  8. Apache Vazquez Says:

    Thank you,

    This helped a lot.

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