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Mark Strama’s Campaign Academy is back

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Mark Strama’s campaign for HD-50 in 2004 should serve as a benchmark and training ground for Progressives running in swing areas all over the state. Mark’s innovative integration of technology, training and tons and tons of grassroots blockwalking/phonebanking paid off as one more seat became blue.

One of the most interesting elements was a rolling summer academy. Every time you dropped by you could see first-hand that young people were not just reading/blogging/emailing about politics, they were involved in politics on the ground. If you know some young people near HD-50 (north Travis County, part of Williamson County) pondering their summer options, pass this along!

Dear friends,

Now that spring break is over, some of the young people you know will be planning for how they will spend the summer. I hope you will forward them this message.

Campaign Academy 2006 is a unique summer opportunity for students to learn the nuts and bolts of modern politics, as well as the important policy issues that confront state government, while contributing to my re-election effort in what promises to be another challenging campaign.

Students will be an integral part of the daily campaign activities: working with databases, conducting voter registration drives, and knocking on doors. Last time, the Campaign Academy even wrote their own press releases and developed their own fundraising strategies.

Daily lunch speakers include current and former elected officials, political consultants, and policy wonks. In 2004, our guest speakers included former Governor Ann Richards, former U.S. Senator Bob Krueger, and State Senator Rodney Ellis.

Please forward this message to anyone you know who might want to participate. Details on how to apply for a spot in Campaign Academy 2006 can be found at:

Thanks for your continuing support.

Best regards,

Mark Strama

2 Responses to “Mark Strama’s Campaign Academy is back”

  1. Capitol Annex » From The Blogs: April 10, 2006 Says:

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    […] Latinos for Texas tells us that Mark Strama’s campaign academy is back for any college student activists interested in heading down to Austin for the summer. […]

  2. Sal Costello Says:

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    As a candidate two years ago, Mark Strama promised to vote against all freeway toll legislation.

    Then, Mark Strama turn his back on his promises and voted with Mike “Toll Road King” Krusee every time on freeway tolling legislation in the last session. Every Time.

    MARK STRAMA LIED AGAIN and voted to toll roads we’ve already paid for as a member of CAMPO in 2005!

    After one of the CAMPO meetings last year, Mark Strama told myself and Matt Turner that he voted with House Transportation Chair Mike Krusee on the freeway toll bills because “I’m a Democrat in a Republican house. It’s kind of like being in prison and I’ve got to be someone’s bitch.”

    Mark Strama needs to go. He’s the worst kind of politician.

    Sal Costello
    The Muckraker

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