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Other Views on Human Migration

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“Please ask yourself this: As we contemplate America’s moral fiber, do the real threats come from immigrants, or are some people merely blaming them for sins that are already here?”
David Brooks in an argument to social conservatives that a “balanced immigration bill is consistent with conservative values.”

“Guest worker programs are a bad idea and harm all workers. They cast workers into a perennial second-class status, and unfairly put their fates into their employers’ hands… Guest worker programs encourage employers to turn good jobs into temporary jobs at reduced wages and diminished working conditions and contribute to the growing class of workers laboring in poverty.”
AFL-CIO President John Sweeney in a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I think all of this has been a wake-up call for the Republican Party, that you can’t pander to the right by picking on immigrants — it’s not going to work anymore.”
California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (D-Los Angeles) to Capitol Hill.

“We’re not naive that this is going to change people’s minds. Congressional leaders have to know that people are angry, people are frustrated, people have had it [with] being treated unfairly. And they’re being organized.”
Father Richard Estrada of La Placita church on “Gran Marcha 2006.”

“We need an immigration policy that provides a real path to citizenship for those workers already here, paying taxes and contributing to their communities and that helps meet the future need for workers in a fair way. We should recognize immigrant workers not as criminals but as full members of society — as permanent residents with full rights and full mobility that employers may not exploit. As a nation that prides itself on fair treatment and equality, we simply cannot settle for anything less.”
AFL-CIO Executive VP Linda Chavez-Thompson.

Contact your Senators and Representatives.

4 Responses to “Other Views on Human Migration”

  1. mario Says:

    speaking of (we were, werent we?)

    i find the following a perfect example of ’straw man meets take one person/action and pretend its the quintessential representative meets, probably, an un-recognized ethnic-based pejorative’

    Irish flags on st patricks day netted no response:
    st pat day flags

    high-school kids with mexican flags net this reponse:
    high school kids and mexican flag
    “If I were an Al Queda supporter I know where I’d be spending my time … ”

  2. LaGirlFriday Says:

    My hope is that the demonstrations continue and grow and that this translates to real political power for Latinos.

  3. kevin Says:

    And more latino votes for Democrats!

  4. Lila Says:

    I just want to say that I am so proud of all those high school students standing up for their beliefs and doing something about it beside just posting their frustrations on their live journal or myspace sites. Even those students just walking out to get a day off from school will have to remember that political participation provides us many privileges, including playing hookie. I truly believe these demonstrations will take our young Latinos to the days of old and remind us that while many strides have been made things haven’t changed all that much. The need for unity and organization has never been greater than today. Hispanos unidos jamas seran vencidos!

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