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GOP to Latinos: There will be a backlash.

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From Time:

“All these folks who are here illegally know they can protest brazenly,” [Rep. Tom Tancredo] said. “It’s really a mockery of our immigration system.” He added that the protests make him even more determined to pass a House bill that does not provide for a guest worker program and would build a 700-mile fence along the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Texas Republican John Cornyn, who has supported a temporary worker program but one that requires illegal immigrants to leave the U.S. after working here for six years and apply for citizenship from their native country, said of the protests, “I don’t think they’re helpful,” arguing that they will only inflame the issue.

Mississippi Senator Trent Lott said that protests “make me mad,” particularly when he saw that many of the flags flown at the protest were not red, white and blue, but flags of Mexico and other Latin American countries. “I don’t like it and the American people don’t like it,” he said, adding, “When they act out like that, they lose me.”

“The views of most of the people marching in the streets of L.A. and other cities last weekend bear little or no resemblance to the majority of public opinion in this country when it comes to illegal immigration,” [GOP Pollster David] Winston wrote in a column for the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call.

4 Responses to “GOP to Latinos: There will be a backlash.”

  1. mario Says:

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    i love*. while i will resist the temptation to conflate the fringe or rank-and-file or psuedo-leaders with being official spokesman for the GOP/Rs/Conservatives, i find this kind of commentary not that far off from their mainstream:

    “I have always found it annoying that I am forced to pay for Spanish language channels from my cable provider. Why should I pay for something I won’t use and don’t desire. Now that it has become a political tool I find it objectionable and offensive.”

    “NOW THAT IT HAS BECOME A POLITICAL TOOL, I FIND IT OBJECTIONABLE AND OFFENSIVE” what are the obvious threads easily unraveled from this statement?


    *why do i love i have never been convinced or close to convinced by the discussion (if you can call word-sniping, nit-picking, straw-man construction/destruction vitriol a discussion) that i am wrong in my core values, or strategies. what i read at redstate and what i can draw from teh manner of their ‘debate’ is refreshing and re-encouraging to me in that they are clearly weak intellectually, and weak morally. not really stupid, just weak, lacking vision and understanding. like people who would let others in the lifeboat die and refuse to engage in meaningful solution-finding because the rule has ALREADY been setup that everyone gets one capful of water, if that doesnt work for you (your mom, your baby) too bad.

  2. LaGirlFriday Says:

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    I can’t read RedState for more than 10 mins. My blood pressure is high enough as it is..

    P.S. I had one of those “liberal professors” tell me, “Those people need to learn to speak English.”


  3. Ian Says:

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    I find mario’s comments amusing and LaGirl’s comments typical: uncerebral.

    You’ll admit you aren’t mainstream redstate mentality, but you assign a racially-tinged complaint about spanish culture creeping too far into an American’s life as ‘mainstream’. There are some, and there always will be ignorant people who don’t favor those unlike themselves. Thats bigotry, but it’s not the mainstream.

    Do YOU enjoy paying for something someone else will only use?
    Most illegal immigrants don’t want to rock the boat in this land, it’s the relatives who have nothing to lose who show support.

    -by not encouraging english-language media or english as language of everyday use.

    -by allowing facilities and programs to become unuseable for non-illegal immigrants who are rightfully entitled.

    -by fostering anti-American attitudes by enabling people who have callous disregard for our laws, our traditions and our moral beliefs.

    Would you, Mario, allow other people who had a claim to their thimble-ful of water to die so that your baby may live?

    This country is more than a thimble-sized drink of water. But it is still not enough to slake the thirst of the whole world. To those who want to make a better life, help support our system so that you and your family may one day come here legally, and have a God-given right to stay and prosper.

    To those who would enable the crushing of our system so that it may accomodate your family today, you are doing a disservice to yourself, your country and our God.

  4. mario Says:

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    hey Katykarter/ian

    i find you amusing.

    and are you REALLY saying you think i am not here legally? really. wanna bet i (and 7 generations) have been here longer than you OR your family. seriously i’ll bet ya.

    are you so shallow as to be saying people who think mistreatment of women must be women? but in a immigrants and resource allocation discussion it differs?

    allyour examples are weak and straw-men. i sat theyis more than 1 thinle so you say i must be sayong the whole world gets a fair shot at that thimble. you amuse me.

    and then you talk about god, while your words and their intentions show, i am certain, you to not be a god-full person. and that i would also bet on, too. feel free to prove to me otherwise.

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