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Gonzales not likely pick for Supreme Court

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Despite a coordinated defense of Gonzalez’s conservative credentials by White House folks and the opportunity to increase Hispanic support for Republicans, I agree with William Kristol:

But the anti-Gonzales drumbeat on the right has not quieted. Haunted by Republican presidential court picks who have proved more moderate than they would like once on the bench, conservatives argue that Gonzales has not shown himself devoted to their cause on such hot-button issues as abortion and affirmative action. In the face of such concern, William Kristol, the editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, said that for Bush to pick Gonzales would be the equivalent of Bush’s father’s decision to break his “no new taxes” pledge.

Read the whole enchilada from the WaPo today here and decide for yourself.

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  1. Lila Says:

    Did anyone catch the Daily Show on thursday? They showed Bush talking to the press on this very issue and then him making some vague comment about the extreme likelihood or total unlikelihood of him nominating Gonzalez for O’Connor’s spot.
    In the words of Depp as Wonka, he is really weird.

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