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Immigrants and Health Care - Who benefits?

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Margie sent this excellent discussion about immigrants, the taxes they pay, and the care the do (or do not) receive in return, with additional comparison to overall insured’s VS uninsured’s costs to the system and taxpayers.

This article seems to indicate a Health care system fiscal surplus from the immigrant sector, which, if reports of social security pay-in vs pay-out to immigrants are true (and i havent seen strong evidence to the contrary) combine to make immigration an economically good thing. And thats not even considering the “Day without a Mexican” scenarios of labor, construction, textiles, and the like.

The comments are well worth reading, as well.

thanks margie!

4 Responses to “Immigrants and Health Care - Who benefits?”

  1. kevin Says:

    Hello, I like totally blogged about this a few months. Go look it up, Mr. Admin. It’s there. “Immigrants subsidizing our health care?” is the basic title.

    He shoots, he scores!

  2. mario Says:

    yeah! that silly Admin, he dont know nothin!

    mr. re-post 2005

    ; )

  3. Blue Cross of California Says:

    It’s interesting to hear how immigrants affect health care. Great article very informative.

  4. Jazzy Says:

    Don’t blame the health care authorities for not providing quality health care. In a way, they are working at their potential.

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