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Is Texas Gov. Rick “Adios, MoFo” Perry silencing votes intentionally?

I noticed that a tied vote last week was broken by Craddick, moving the final tally to 74-75, with HD 143 not voting due to the death of Rep. Joe Mereno. Naive me, I simply accepted that as bad luck from a bad situation.

But, the good people at Burnt Orange Report raise an intriguing question:

It is likely that Governor Perry, in his failure to call an expedited special election to fill the House District 143 seat that was vacated when Rep. Joe Moreno died in May, has violated a provision in the Texas Election Code and unfairly silenced the votes and voices of over 130,000 Texans.

Is Perry in Violation of Texas Election Code?

One Response to “Is Texas Gov. Rick “Adios, MoFo” Perry silencing votes intentionally?”

  1. kevin Says:

    Adios, Sr. Gobernador.

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