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Breaking: Senate Dems unite against HB 1706

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Via Quorum Report :


Eleven Democrats sign letter to block voter picture ID bill

As the Texas House tries once again to pass HB1706 by Mary Denny, Senate Democrats have signed its death warrant.

The bill would require photo id or two alternatives in combination with a voter registration card in order to vote. Democrats complain that the bill creates undue obstacles to voting for the elderly and students, among others. They also argue that this is part of a nationwide Republican effort to disenfranchise voters.

Senate Democrats have rendered the next several hours of House debate moot by signing a letter indicating that they will not vote to suspend the rules in order to bring up the bill. Senate requires 2/3s of the 31 members to vote to suspend before a bill can be heard.

The full text of the press release will be in our Executive Summary later today.

Hot damn! This is a great moment in voting rights. Let’s find out who signed the letter so we can put them in the running for top Senator and Representative of the 79th Lege.

5 Responses to “Breaking: Senate Dems unite against HB 1706”

  1. LaGirlFriday Says:

    there are 11 dems in the senate.. 12 if you count armbrister who is listed as both???

  2. Sonia Says:

    Great news. Way to go Texas Democrat Senators. Good block!


  3. kevin Says:

    Democracy is a dish best served to all.

  4. Amy Cuellar Says:

    Sad day when Democrats rejoice in protecting voter fraud.

    Friday, June 3, 2005

    Attorney General Abbott Obtains Voter Fraud Indictments In Two Counties
    Hardeman County commissioner, Beeville woman indicted for mail-in ballot violations

    AUSTIN - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today announced his office’s first indictments for alleged voter fraud in Texas, returned in separate cases by grand juries in Hardeman and Bee counties.

    “My office takes seriously the one-person, one-vote philosophy that has been the backbone of this country throughout its history,” said Attorney General Abbott. “When the activities of even one person would undermine the electoral process, we will hold that person accountable.”

    Hardeman County Precinct 1 Commissioner Johnny Akers, 58, was indicted late Thursday on six counts of election fraud in Quanah. The Texas Election Code violations involve alleged unlawful methods for returning completed ballots during early voting by mail. During the April 2004 primary runoff and November 2004 general elections, the indictment alleges, Akers personally handled or mailed ballots for six persons unrelated to him over several days, a Class B misdemeanor punishable by a jail term of up to six months and a fine of up to $2,000 on each count.

    On May 27, Beeville resident Melva Kay Ponce, 53, was indicted in Bee County on a charge of illegal voting. She allegedly posed as her deceased mother during early mail-in voting in the November 2004 election. Illegal voting is a third-degree felony punishable by two to10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

    Ponce mailed an application for a mail ballot to the Bee County Clerk’s office for her mother, Dominga Ponce, on Oct. 15, 2004, when her mother was still alive. Her mother died of natural causes on Oct. 20, and two days later the clerk’s office mailed a ballot addressed to Dominga Ponce. Despite her mother’s death, Melva Kay Ponce filled out the absentee ballot in her mother’s name. She then mailed the completed ballot back to the clerk.

    The Bee County Voter Registrar, Andrea Gibbud, contacted the Bee County Sheriff’s Office about the suspicious ballot, knowing Ponce’s mother had died before the ballot could have been completed and returned.

    The Attorney General’s Office investigated the allegations of election fraud at the request of the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.


  5. mario Says:

    no one supports voter fraud, amy, and no one here is rejoicing about it.

    is that your implication?

    do the math and check your moral priorities. if some small-town crooks committed crimes, i know we ALL hope they get what they deserve. Six cases in a state of 20 million outranks the Legislature’s priority to protect 100,000 children by reinstating parts of CHIP?

    Additional measures implemented to make voting safer and less open to fraud need to be FAIR and BALANCED against the hurdles they place on the weakest among us: the poor, elderly, disabled, and under-educated.


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