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Hispanic Candidates “Meet Up” and Voter Registration Drive

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From TCDP candidate Fidel Acevedo comes this invite:

Hispanic Candidates “Meet Up” and Voter Registration Drive

1907 E. Riverside Drive
Austin Texas
Saturday,Feb 2, 2008
2:00 pm to 6:00pm


You are cordially invited to attend this “meet up” with the Hispanic Candidates. Learn more about the vision and ideas of the candidates and how they are important to all of us.

This promises to be a great event for Hispanic voters to learn more about the candidates. Invite your friends and have a good time. We will be registering voters at this event. Music and food will be provided.

Co-Sponsored by
Agustin Zavaleta owner La Rumba Disco
Austin Tejano Music Coalition
Tejana Production – Gloria La Tejana
Progressive Hispanic Democrats (PHD’s)
Mexican American Democrats (MAD)


Hillary Clinton and the ’smart fence’

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So, it is looking more and more like Texas will have some say in the Presidential Picking Showdown of 2008. In an effort to get prepped for a Texas primary and to help people make more informed decisions (and to keep The Onion from always being right ; ) here is a little info from April 2006 from the folks at Newsday, an actual paper, and not to be confused with crazies at NewsMax :

Clinton backs border ’smart fence’
Newsday Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton raised eyebrows this weekend by saying that she thought use of a “smart fence” along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border could identify people approaching the barrier.

The statement, made in response to a question posed by a Daily News columnist, puts Clinton on the same page with some conservative members of the House. The House included a study of such a fence in the get-tough immigration bill it passed last year.

Earlier, Clinton had said that measure, which includes a provision criminalizing assistance to illegal immigrants, would have resulted in the imprisonment of “Jesus himself.”

Clinton, who has not played a central role in the frenzied negotiations over reforms, still supports a bipartisan Senate bill providing a path to citizenship for undocumented workers.

Read it all and let us know what you think…


Xavier Becerra, and two Kennedys endorse Obama

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So, LFT is not officially involved in presidential primaries, so consider this just information, not advocacy, as we consider the role Texas will play in this very exciting election:

…the House’s highest-ranking Latino, California Rep. Xavier Becerra, also announced that he is backing Obama.

The (Ted) Kennedy endorsement could also give Obama a lift among Hispanic voters, thanks to Kennedy’s high profile on immigration legislation. The Obama campaign, which lags far behind Clinton among Hispanic voters, according to national polls, will be expectedly to prominently display the endorsements by both Kennedys in Latino communities.

with a h/t to dKos


Latinos For Texas Endorsement results, or ‘oh sh*t, I told them both they had my support…*’

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Hello all

Well, it was exciting, energizing, well-attended (and quite quick!) endorsement meeting. We opened with a few candidates from races we were not endorsing in (yet), and then straight to the 3-minute ‘Why me’ talk from the candidates. Most of these candidates have been dropping by meetings for literally months (Barrera, Lipscombe, Hatchcock, Hurley) and we have had excellent discussions, so these presentations were mostly re-caps of previous experiences. (There were a few brand new candidates who were welcomed to speak about why they merit the endorsement, but honestly it is a steep hill to match multiple discussions in one 3 minute deal.)

Then, the candidates left the room, and we had ourselves a caucus. That’s right a good old-fashioned stand for your candidate, let’s open the floor for anyone who wants to sway others to join them caucus. This is probably my favorite part of the pre-season: its open, transparent, gets people literally to stand for their guy or gal, and gets people talking. All of which is both good practice for the presidential caucuses, or more importantly for when someone says ‘What’s the deal with so-and-so? should i vote for them?’ you know its no big deal to throw in your two cents. And, before you know it, ordinary people are talking about why politics has an impact in their lives.

Also, it is important to know that we have many great candidates and while you can work to help a few, you still can only vote for one. This is, i think, a healthy competition, and, in the end, we are all on the same team.

So the results, with detailed descriptions of the discussion and analysis in a follow-on post:
427th District Court
Judge Jim Coronado

98th District Court
Judge Andy Hatchcock

CD 10
Dan Grant

TCDP Chair
Andy Brown

Travis County Court #8
John Lipscombe

Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector
Glen Maxey

Like I mentioned, look for an additional post or two about why these candidates prevailed, but feel free to leave your two cents on these candidates in the comments.

But now on to the punchline:
A candidate waiting in the hallway during the caucuses told me after that as soon as we started, one person zoomed past them toward the exit. The candidate stopped the person, ‘Where are you going?!’ ‘oh sh*t,’ came the whispered reply, ‘I told them both they had my support!’ ahhh, little d democracy meets politics!


LFT Endorsement Meeting, Tues, Jan 15, 7pm

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LFT Endorsement Meeting
Tues, Jan 15, 7pm
El Mercado (1302 S. 1st St)


Indeed, we now have the difficult task of endorsing among the many qualified candidates. The last few endorsement meetings have been quite fun, and always energizing, so we are really looking forward to this one! If you somehow missed the many chances to talk with and really get to know these candidates, we have collected their information in one convenient location:

We have chosen to endorse in the following races:
427th District Court
Judge Jim Coronado
Karyl Anderson Krug

98th District Court
Judge Andy Hatchcock
Judge Rhonda Hurley

CD 10
Larry Joe Doherty
Dan Grant

TCDP Chair
Fidel Acevedo
Andy Brown

Travis County Court #8
Carlos Barrera
John Lipscombe

Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector
Glen Maxey
Nelda Spears

While we added Judge Jim Coronado and the now-contested race for the 427th District Court, there are many additional races which merit attention. We want to not make half-hearted endorsements in additional races, so as time becomes available to talk with candidates and understand them and their vision better, we will certainly support those whom we think we can help.

One more note:If you are a voting (ie, paid) member, and want to vote by email, please send your choices to by noon tuesday. See yall there,
LFT Steering Committee
(Crystal, Lila, Mario, Michael, Richard and Sabas)


Meetup move ONE week to Tues. 1/15

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Sorry for the delay in communications, but holidays, moving, and sickness are taking their toll.

So we beg your pardon for moving the January Endorsement meeting one week to Jan 15, 7pm, El Mercado (1302 South First St. 78704)

Hope everyone had great Holidays, Latinos for Texas Steering Committee

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