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Austin Voter Reg Drives gettin’ started early

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Austin Voter Reg Drives gettin’ started early this cycle — something you know we like to see! The Presidential races have almost made it through the summer, and into the mythical post-Labor Day re-awakening of the good citizens, but we havent seen too much organizing this early out. Glen Maxey (in a primary contest for Travis County Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar) sent out this call for volunteers last night:

I’m calling on you to help once again!   We can easily register 75,000 + new voters before the November, 2008 election.


If you’d like to be on our list and get our emails about voter registration activities, we’d like to hear about that, too.


Our first activities are coming up immediately.   Since the website isn’t up yet, we’re relying on just plain old email information. [And don’t forget]


TUESDAY, August 28th  Out of  Iraq Demonstration

Can you  help us register voters at the demonstration against the war in Iraq?

We’ll meet at the south end of the  Ann Richards Congress Ave Bridge at 5 pm.    Our goal is to have tables on all four entrances to the bridge.


If you can help, sign up at:


SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, Sept. 1st and 2nd

BatFest on the Ann Richards Conress Ave Bridge
Saturday Sept 1st 2 PM until Midnight
Sunday Sept. 2nd
2 PM until 10 PM


Email me back if you can help on any of the shifts on Saturday or Sunday or you can sign up on the Calendar at

Saturday 2 -4 pm

Saturday 4- 6 pm

Saturday 6-8 pm

Saturday 8 – midnight


Sunday  2 -4 pm

Sunday  4- 6 pm

Sunday   6-8 pm

Sunday  8 – 10 pm


You can call me if you have questions:  Glen Maxey  512-656-6337


Glen Maxey
P O Box 2505
Austin TX 78768


Happy Monday! Alberto Gonzales Resigns

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Embattled U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has resigned, senior administration officials told CNN today. President Bush will likely nominate Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to replace Gonzales, officials said.

Can’t say we will miss him… but, does that mean he can no longer be impeached ?!? ; )


REMINDER: Tues, Aug 21, 7pm Meetup

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Ahhhh, the dog days of summer… a great time for some tacos, beer, and friendly discussion.

So, lets get together, Tuesday, 7pm at Kerbey Lane at 2606 Guadalupe.

On the agenda:
Gerardo Castillo, Community Involvement manager for Capitol Metro will talk about the CapMetros’ upcoming changes, including Rail, Clean Air initiative, and rate increases. This is a great chance for meaningful input. Like all LFT’ers, Gerardo will be here to listen and discuss, not just ‘present.’

Also, bring your ideas for an East Austin Initiative Summit. Mario will report back on the initial planning and scheduling stages. Like last year, LFT will have a leadership role, so let’s all be looking forward to specifying the EAI projects and strategies — maybe even get to the tentative committment stage. How great would that be, 6 months out and commiting to build stronger communities.

And of course the local topics you feel like discussing: What you thought of last month’s Barrera and Lipscomb spiels? The heating up Travis COunty Tax Assessor-Collector race? Noriega and Watts proceedings? Or??

As always, hope to see you, with a friend,

Your LFT Steering Committee Mario, Crystal, Lila, Michael, & Sabas
Latinos for Texas Steering Committee


The Gloves Come Off: Nelda Wells Spears vs. Glen Maxey

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Who took the first swing? The Austin American-Statesman declared the Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector’s race as “hotly contested” and “one of the most closely watched primary races to be decided in March”. In its latest piece the paper inferred race, gender, and showmanship as some of the issues the candidates – or maybe just one candidate – would face.

Neither the [Maxey] flier nor any of the attention paid the race so far have hit on the undercurrents of political tension the race sparks between Travis County Democrats who call themselves progressive and minority leaders who are circling around Spears, an African American. Maxey is white and long a darling of Austin liberals.

That changed this week when primary voters received a letter from former TDP Chair Charles Soechting. Written on Nelda Wells Spears letterhead the former Chairman hoped we would see the “political and moral obligation” to stand by Spears. He also hinted at the race card and invoked fear and partisanship to deliver his message:

Nelda was the top Travis County vote-getter in the 2004 presidential election. That’s why local Republicans were going to give her a pass this time – because they know they don’t have a prayer of convincing voters to support one of their own candidates against a strong African American woman who does such a great job.

Unfortunately, Glen Maxey says he’s planning to run against Nelda in the primary next March. So now the Republicans are actively recruiting a candidate of their own in case Glenn wins our party’s nomination. They are raising money and getting ready to turn what shouldn’t even have been a race into an expensive campaign. The last thing they want is a partisan political consultant in charge of the county’s voter rolls.

And, frankly, that’s the last thing we should want, too. As the former Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, I know that public trust in the integrity of the voter registration rolls is fundamental to our democratic process. We’ve worked too hard to guarantee that our party reflects the rich diversity of our community to sit by while one of our best public officials is targeted by a fellow Democrat – especially when there are plenty of Republicans who deserve opposition.

In 2004 Spears was the highest vote-getter followed closely by some District Judges and the County Attorney. Soechting’s statement implies voters went to the polls specifically for these less popular, down-ballot races when it is more likely that they are beneficiaries of the anti-R/Bush fervor and Straight D ballots cast (29.7% of the overall vote).

It is also no stretch to say their electoral success was a direct result of the 2004 Travis County Coordinated Campaign (TCCC) led by Glen Maxey and fueled by an army of activists. And while Spears takes credit for Travis County’s 94% voter registration rate, accolades belong in large part to the TCCC and the hundreds of volunteers that spent the summer pimping sweat-laden registration cards and weekends manning tables at the local grocery store or in front of the Co-Op.

Soechting’s letter is anti-democratic and spends more time lobbing ethical innuendos and engaging in the “sky will fall” mentality (an R will run! an R will run!) than championing his candidate. He criticizes a political consultant who also happens to be an accomplished former State Legislator for overt partisanship while he claims a moral obligation to stand by his candidate for her partisan loyalty to the Party.

Should race, gender, party loyalty or votes garnered determine which races are untouchable and which are not? How many votes does a candidate need? How many years do you have to be a sustaining member of the TDP? Who’s keeping track?

And why is the Democratic Party establishment still afraid of Glen Maxey?


Heard on the Streets: Puente, Guiterrez, and Ramos

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Not sure if this is true, but it’s interesting enough to pass along…

Word is current District 3 City Councilman Roland Guiterrez is positioning himself to make a run at HD-119 held by Craddick D Robert Puente.  Supposedly, Guiterrez’ staff members started looking for other positions when they heard his job might go to current ACCD Board Member Jennifer Ramos.  I’ve heard from a few people that she has a “different type of management style” and she recently held a re-election fundraiser. 

Not sure if a special election would be held or if someone would be appointed to the council, but calls are in to see if someone else can clarify and maybe have a little more info.  Anyone out there know anything? 


On a Lighter Note: Latino Comedy Project’s ‘AlienNation’ opens

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Hey Austinites:

The highly-acclaimed and apparently ‘murderously funny’ new revue by Austin’s own Latino Comedy Project opens at the brand-spanking-new Mexican American Cultural Center. The Austin Chronicle has nice things to say about it. I have only a simple thing to say: ‘If you love freedom, you must go.’

Here the PR blurb:

Border walls. Failed immigration reform. Lou Dobbs foaming at the mouth. Comedy! Austin’s cultural cut-ups of the Latino Comedy Project return for the award-winning comedy troupe’s new all-original show, “AlienNation”,  another hilarious full-length revue of sketch comedy, videos and music.
PERFORMANCES: 8 p.m., Thursday-Saturday, August 2 through Aug. 25, 2007, at the Mexican American Cultural Center, 600 River Street, Austin.

TICKETS / SHOW INFO: $15 adults, $12 students and senior, available at the MACC box office on performance evenings, Teatro’s phone line, 512-389-0892.

Advance tickets are available online right now at:

Want to keep those pesky new arrivals from crashing your Caucasian caucus? Use the “Porta-Border,” a miniature version of the proposed border wall. (Or, for even greater ease-of-transport, try the “Porta-Border Nano.”) In, “Get on a Truck”, the LCP’s secret for producing such great comedy on the cheap is revealed: We send comedy scouts to day labor sites! Check out the LCP’s take on Apple’s Mac vs. PC ads (”Mex vs. B.C. [Born Citizen]”), Bratz Dolls, “300″ and amateurish local “adult education”commercials (”Vosotros Polytechnic”). Attend the “2007 Annual Police Brutality Video Awards”, and visit a racially themed college costume party where the tables are turned on the usual perpetrators. And meet new characters like the poorly translated crossover Latin pop singer Xiañez.
After two years of touring in glamorous locales including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tulsa, Oklahoma and sunny McAllen, Texas, the LCP has been working hard to bring its unique, take-no-prisoners take on the absurdities of pop culture and politics back to hometown audiences. “AlienNation” is a night of hilarious, high-energy comedy by a troupe celebrating its 10th year of bringing audience members to tears of laughter.
The performance also marks the very first at the newly constructed Mexican American Cultural Center. The center, almost 30 years in the making, is welcoming the Latino Comedy Project as its first performance group.
The LCP, called “hilarious” and “murderously funny” by the San Francisco Chronicle, has been featured at international Sketch Festivals in Vancouver, Chicago and Seattle, and has performed with Carlos Mencia, Fred Willard, Gabriel Iglesias, Pablo Francisco and “The Daily Show”’s Rob Cordry, among others. The LCP’s comedy videos have been featured at international film festivals and on nationally syndicated programs seen in over 50 million households from coast to coast.
The Latino Comedy Project writers and performers are: LCP Artistic Director Adrian Villegas, Sandy Avila, Guillermo De Leon, Omar L. Gallaga, Raul Garza, Karinna Perez, Mical Trejo, Danu Uribe and Nick Walker.
Come see “AlienNation”: Because in Spanglish, no one can understand you laugh.

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