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2006-Aug-24 and

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As a bit toward explaining the recent slowdown in LFT blog posts, let me offer two clues: and which yours truly has been working many long hours developing, designing, programming along with the inimitable Glen Maxey and Hunter Ellinger.

With these tools, ‘every volunteer can phone, walk, register or GOTV their friends and neighbors in their precinct, local area or across the state’ and in just the last two weeks of soft-launch testing, hundreds of people from all over the state have contacted thousands of voters. We can ramp that up and contact 10, 25, 100,000 voters before election time?

so spread the word and thanks for helping!

For those that didnt get or didnt read a recent Maxey blast:

I want to introduce you to a dynamic new online set of tools at

It is my hope that you’ll make use of the many tools you find at this innovative new site.

It has been created by a new political action committee, True Blue Action PAC, whose sole reason to exist is to make tools available to identify and turn out Democratic voters for candidates at all levels.

Chris Bell, Democratic nominee for Governor, has been instrumental in helping us get off the ground. His campaign understands the need for ALL Democrats running at all levels to assist in turning out voters for each other.

There is NO COST to use these tools. They are open, accessible and free. TrueBlueAction simply asks that you use them to work for Democratic issues and candidates.

Ever want a walk list, phone list, or other data for your street, precinct or area? Here it is!

On this site, you’ll find some easy to use tools. Among them are:

a) Build a walk list to canvass your street or are

b) Print out pre-filled accurate Mail Ballot Applications for seniors, disabled, or those who’ll be out of town

c) Use the Online Phone Bank to call to ID voters, and GOTV during early voting and on election day to turn out the vote in your precinct or anywhere in Texas!

d) Email your friends across Texas voting reminders with their early voting locations

e) Build a list of voters you know (friends, co-workers, etc.) to “turn out to vote”. Get daily reminders whether they’ve voted early if you’re in a county that has electronic access to early voters.

f) Register new voters and make a retrievable list by entering them in this system so that they’ll get voting reminders.

g) And much, much more as we proceed and great volunteers add tools!

As we improve this site, we’ll send you updates of new tools that have been added. Thanks to the creative energy of lots of volunteers, we’re literally changing the way grassroots politics happens across Texas.

Give as feed back at

There is now no excuse for someone not being able to help our Democratic candidates.

Every volunteer can phone, walk, register or GOTV their friends and neighbors in their local area or even across the state!

Houston voter registration project

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Alfred Stanley shares a tip:

Check this out. This project is being funded by Rick Noriega’s political committee. Right now they’ve got data for Houston about citizens who aren’t registered.

and i must say, this site has a great idea:

“Based on your home address, you are given a list of 10 unregistered but voter-eligible Hispanics that live closest to you. Since it is in your neighborhood, you are very likely to know the person or area. Best of all, you can register people at your convenience.”

with a compelling connection to everyday life (which you know we love at LFT)

• Will proposal requiring Houston police to check citizenship status come back?
• College tuition increases put squeeze on Latinos
• Bill would deny citizenship to Latinos born in U.S.
• Study: Latino’s net worth 1/11th of Anglo household
• Another Texas Latino killed in Iraq
• Latinos are the highest uninsured in country
• Immigrants attacks hurts all Hispanics
• Microchip in skin would track Hispanic workers
• Officials: No hate crime in rape of local Hispanic teen

It is just getting started, so if you live in Houston, hit them up to get started uniting your communities!

Voter registration by txt msg

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From, a little good news:

A group called Voto Latino announced today that it is launching the first nationwide effort to register voters by text messaging. The drive is focused on registering young Latinos for the November elections. The logic, according to Voto Latino co-founder Rosario Dawson: If 65 million people were willing to text their votes for “American Idol,” perhaps at least a few of them might pick up their phones to sign up for something a little more important.

i must correct the article, tho, as it is not the first effort to regioster by txt msg: has been experimenting with it since 2004, most recently wih its incarnation.

onward and upward!


Breaking News : Marines issue involuntary call-backs

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Marines to issue involuntary call-ups
Corps faces shortage of volunteers for deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan
The Associated Press

Updated: 2:47 p.m. CT Aug 22, 2006

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Marine Corps said Tuesday it has been authorized to recall thousands of Marines to active duty, primarily because of a shortage of volunteers for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Up to 2,500 Marines will be brought back at any one time, but there is no cap on the total number of Marines who may be forced back into service in the coming years as the military battles the war on terror. The call-ups will begin in the next several months.

This is the first time the Marines have had to use the involuntary recall since the early days of the Iraq combat. The Army has ordered back about 14,000 soldiers since the start of the war.

Marine Col. Guy A. Stratton, head of the manpower mobilization section, estimated that there is a current shortfall of about 1,200 Marines needed to fill positions in upcoming unit deployments.

The call-up affects Marines in the Individual Ready Reserve, a segment of the reserves that consists mainly of those who left active duty but still have time remaining on their eight-year military obligation.

Generally, Marines enlist for four years, then serve the other four years either in the regular Reserves, where they are paid and train periodically, or they may elect to go into the IRR. Marines in the IRR are only obligated to report one day a year but can be involuntarily recalled to active duty.

According to Stratton, there are about 59,000 Marines in the IRR, but the Corps has decided to exempt from the call-up those who are either in their first year or last year of the reserve status. As a result, the pool of available Marines is about 35,000.

Up to two years on duty
The deployments can last up to two years, but on average would be 12 to 18 months, Stratton said. And each Marine who is being recalled will get five months to prepare before having to report for duty.

President Bush authorized the recall on July 26. It is the first such recall since early 2003, when about 2,000 Marines were involuntarily activated for the initial ground war in Iraq.

“Since this is going to be a long war,” said Stratton, “we thought it was judicious and prudent at this time to be able to use a relatively small portion of those Marines to help us augment our units.”

He said the Marines may continue to tap into the IRR for as long as the war on terror continues. Some of the military needs, he said, include engineers, intelligence, military police, and communications.

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Republican Attacks Juan Garcia’s Military Service

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In typical swift-boat fashion, incumbent Republican, Gene Seaman, is attacking the distinguished military record of Juan Garcia, the Democratic candidate for HD 32 (Corpus Christi).

In an attempt to diminish the role of Juan Garcia’s military service, Representative Gene Seaman told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that:

“He’s not a fighter pilot,” Seaman asserted. “He never flew jets, he flew P-3s.”

While true that Garcia did not fly jets, Juan Garcia’s military service flying P-3 aircrafts is no less distinguished. P-3 aircrafts are the primary maritime surveillance aircraft operated by the U.S. Navy and 15 international allies providing anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, overland intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and command-control-and-communications roles.

Juan Garcia’s military service includes 13 years of active duty as a naval aviator; 30 armed missions in the Persian Gulf; top aide to the deputy Commander in Chief of U.S. Naval Forces; service in Operation Allied Force in Kosovo; and service on the aircraft carrier USS Constellation in support of the enforcement of the no-fly zone in Iraq. His military awards include the Joint Commendation Medal, two Navy Commendation Medals, and two Navy Achievement Medals

The timing of Seaman’s remarks is even more cowardly by the fact that Juan Garcia cannot respond personally because he’s serving his annual active duty requirement.

You can help the Juan Garcia campaign by joining Latinos for Texas: Outreach By The Beach voter registration drive on August 19 at 8:00 am. To sign up, go to


Ciro to challenge Bonilla in new CD-23

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The new congressional map for Texas’ 23rd District, invoked Aug. 4 by a federal court panel in response to a June 28 Supreme Court ruling, added thousands of members of south Texas’ Democratic-leaning Hispanic population to the voting constituency of Republican Rep. Henry Bonilla — making him potentially more vulnerable to a serious Democratic challenge.

And it looks as though that is just what is going to occur in the Nov. 7 all-candidate primary required because the judges’ ruling also vacated the results of the March 7 primary held under the invalidated district lines: Former Democratic Rep. Ciro D. Rodriguez (1997-2005) told Tuesday that he will challenge Bonilla and will formally announce his bid next Tuesday.

read it all , and, oh yeah, ‘Go Ciro Go!’


LFT Joins the Army of Juan: Outreach by the Beach for Juan Garcia

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We are hitting the road and headed to South Texas in support of retired Lt. Commander and current Democratic candidate for HD 32 Juan Garcia. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 19, 2006 and join us in a trip to San Patricio County as we back Juan with our bucks and our boots before we hit the beach.

Juan is in a tough race in a Republican-leaning district. A win in HD 32 would jumpstart our movement to take back Texas.

The second-generation naval aviator boasts an impressive and uniquely varied background. The SAEN reported Sunday:

“He is such a talent - I believe he is important to the entire state of Texas,” [former San Antonio Mayor Henry] Cisneros said.

Garcia’s résumé is sterling: graduated from Harvard Law School, where he met his future wife, Denise, and befriended future Illinois Sen. Barack Obama; earned a master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government; became a second-generation Navy pilot, doing tours in Kosovo and the Persian Gulf; and, like Cisneros, was chosen as a White House Fellow.

Texans deserve the strong leadership and impeccable credentials Juan Garcia would bring to the Capitol as a State Representative. After a decade of Republican-controlled government Texans have come out on the losing end. Our children’s health care and education have taken a back seat to partisan redistricting and our tax system has turned into a shell game.

Juan Garcia represents the change that will move Texas forward. His support comes from an array of different communities - from families and young people (pegged on BOR as the “Latino JFK”) to Military Veterans and leadership from both sides of the aisle.

Join us August 19, 2006 in a trip to South Texas to help elect Juan Garcia to the Texas House of Representatives.

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