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Janitors take it to the Courts in Austin and San Antonio

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Amber Goodwin, of Houston Justice for Janitors and SEIU writes in with lots of good information and links to the now-not-front-page issue of how some corporations (and/or their contractors) deal with immigrants’ labor. I personally find it hard to believe (and i wonder if the Ken Lay, Jeff Skillings, Bernie Ebbers, et al precedents will prevail) that corporate chieftains dont really know what is going on with their underlings and/or contractors. Is ‘willful ignorance’ an excuse that works under the law??

Janitors sue Target in Austin and San Antonio over wage violations

The exploitation of hard-working immigrants throughout Texas and nationally has received a lot of news coverage lately. But a lawsuit filed on June 29 against Target department stores and their cleaning contractor in Austin and San Antonio suggests the problem may be particularly rampant among major corporations and the companies they hire to provide janitorial services. Janitors in Target stores say they were required to work up to 70 hours a week without overtime pay and often worked seven days a week with only one day off every other week.

In fact, the lawsuit in Target stores is the latest in a growing number of lawsuits and investigations by federal agencies into similar practices—including cases involving janitors who clean national supermarket chains Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, and Ralph’s, United Parcel Service (UPS) facilities, and Wal-Mart stores.

In Houston, the company that cleans the offices of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Professional Janitorial Service (PJS), violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act by instructing janitors to work “off-the-clock” and unlawfully withholding—and in some cases failing to pay—wages due to janitors upon termination of employment, according to a new class action lawsuit filed on June 15.

Rick Bolanos has a few words to say

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Ami M. Sanchez, JD writes in to say:

Rick Bolanos needs your help! He’s running for Congress against Republican incumbant Henry Bonilla (*boo hiss*), and it would be great if the Latino community -our community- could stand behind him and help him show Bonilla that Latinos (or as Bonilla calls us “professional minorities”) WILL be heard.

Rick Bolanos has got a press realease on the SCOTUS decisions on his website:

Rick Bolano’s statement has some excellent points, and i like how he cuts to the quick:

It was morally reprehensible to violate the Voting Rights of those Hispanics in an obvious attempt to ensure Henry Bonilla’s re-election. The actions of those persons was a repugnant and shameful act that is indicative of the crisis of corruption…

This race has been perhaps overlooked or overshadowed among the netroots by Delay v Lampson (or should that be Delay v Leavenworth?) and Smith v Courage, Cuellar v Ciro, etc. Replacing Bonilla with Bolanos would definitely be an important victory.

Who can tell us more about Bolanos, his campaign, his outlook for victory?

Welcome back, and welcome a new blog

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hola everyone:

welcome back from holidays, and hoping everyone had a good Fourth!

i want to point out a new link on the left:
Name:Frank Estrada
Location:Lockhart, Texas

My name is Frank Estrada and I am the Mayor Pro-Tem from the City of Lockhart, the Bar B Q Capital of Texas. I am aslo President of AHMO, Association of Hispanic Municipal Officials.

check it out if you are in the central texas area, and need some info!

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