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Public Schools Outperform Private Schools

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In a report that the Bush Administration would rather not have you read, a U.S. Education Department report found that public schools outperform private schools when students’ income and socio-economic status are taken into account.

This report which obliterates the White House myth that private schools are better than public schools is bad news for the Bush Administration. So much so, the Bush White House took extraordinary steps to bury the report by quietly releasing the news without comment or press conference late on a Friday afternoon, when most reporters have left the office for the weekend.

To read and hear the NPR report, click here>>
To read Private vs. Public School report, click here>>

Poll: World Doesn’t Respect Bush

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After four years of the Iraq War, 60% In CBS/NY Times Poll say the President is not respected by foreign leaders. In fact, Americans are so discouraged by the President’s handling of the Iraq War, they’d prefer he not get involved in the Mideast crisis.

To read the rest of the story>>


LAST DAY to Vote for John Courage to help ALL Texas Democrats

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TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE for John Courage for Mark Warner’s Mapchanger Fundraiser, in which John Courage has been holding a slim lead.

The Chris Bell and John Courage teams got together and decided that if we can bring this money to Texas, they will use a portion to build online tools for all candidates and activists. Seriously, in 30 seconds or so, you can really make a difference! Why not vote right now at

Glen Maxey, former State Rep and newly minted Chris Bell Field Director writes in to say:

OK, guys. I want to put up these online tools for everyone in Texas to use….candidates, activists, campaigns.

We MUST win this contest to get Mark Warner to Texas to have a fundraiser for John Courage, candidate for CD 21. If John has the fundraiser, he will pay the first $15,000 raised to cover online tool development costs.

Chris Bell is asking everyone to vote for Courage, so Texans don’t split their votes.

Vote at:

Here’s examples of what is in development:

We’re working on a open access website for candidates, activists, and campaigns across Texas to use to organize their efforts.

Look for these kinds of tools coming soon:

Voter registration: Info in one place about how to do it and all the stuff you have to know… but then the things to make you able to do it effectively, such as…

Tool #1:

A tool to call up your block, street, precinct or more with the names and addresses of registered voters… and the missing addresses where no one lives. An easy way to find which doors to knock on to register voters. And we’re going to ask you to help us create a permanent address file so we can do this every election cycle. Is that old house at 1504 Park Ave, really just a shed? Did you register someone to vote at a new address?

Tool #2:

Did you meet a disabled or senior citizen who’ll need an mail ballot? You’ll be able to make that notation and then the system will send you a list of everyone you’ve got on your list on September 7th when applications can be accepted by the clerk. You’ll have your list ready to go get applications signed… but where are you going to get the applications???

Tool #3:

Mail ballot applications online! If a voter needs an application to vote by mail, they can simply call up their name in the online file, mark the reason, and print out an automatically populated request form ready for a signature and a stamp. And more importantly, it tells you exactly where to mail it in your county.
Better yet… this tool will have a file near it where you can print out a list of everyone over age 65 in your block, your street, your precinct so you have a road map to drop by and ask your neighbors if they need you to print out an application for them to vote by mail.
Ahhh… but what about all the nursing home staff and social workers who’ve struggled to get mail ballot applications for those they care for? It’s now going to be as simple as entering their names, printing the form, obtaining a signature, and mailing the application.
Or maybe you’re better suited to take your laptop and a printer to a senior center and printing out applications for anyone who needs one… or going to your neighborhood nursing home, or to a hospital, or maybe even a bingo parlor.
How about using Face Book (an online networking site for high school and college studnets) and looking up every university student from your high school who is attending college outside your county and sending them a link to print out an application for a mail ballot?
How about that friend living in Europe or that soldier in Iraq? They can now print out the form and fax it in… the correct fax number is on the form!

Tool #4: Friends Vote
This tool allows you to call up the names of your friends or family, enter their email, and send them a list of all the early voting locations in their county and their election day polling location.

There are a bunch more in development, but the sky’s the limit.

And it’s all going to be “free”. No access fee, no secret pass codes, just action items to get folks registered and to a polling place.

Help John Courage win this contest, so we’ll have the money for a bunch of other cool, new tools.

Statewide, all candidates, all activists, all the time.

Everyone can organize their world. One voter at a time.

Have ideas of things that could help you organize? Email me at


Tom Delay update from LoneStar Project

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Now this is news you can use!

fromthe good peoples at the LoneStar Project

Federal Judge Agrees with Texas Democrats
on DeLay Ballot Challenge

Federal District Court Judge Sam Sparks just ruled in favor of Texas Democrats who sought an injunction to prevent Republicans in Texas Congressional District 22 from replacing Tom DeLay on the congressional ballot.

Texas Democrats argued that the U.S. Constitution, not State law, defines eligibility to serve in the U.S. Congress. Judge Sparks agreed.


Janitors take it to the Courts in Austin and San Antonio

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Amber Goodwin, of Houston Justice for Janitors and SEIU writes in with lots of good information and links to the now-not-front-page issue of how some corporations (and/or their contractors) deal with immigrants’ labor. I personally find it hard to believe (and i wonder if the Ken Lay, Jeff Skillings, Bernie Ebbers, et al precedents will prevail) that corporate chieftains dont really know what is going on with their underlings and/or contractors. Is ‘willful ignorance’ an excuse that works under the law??

Janitors sue Target in Austin and San Antonio over wage violations

The exploitation of hard-working immigrants throughout Texas and nationally has received a lot of news coverage lately. But a lawsuit filed on June 29 against Target department stores and their cleaning contractor in Austin and San Antonio suggests the problem may be particularly rampant among major corporations and the companies they hire to provide janitorial services. Janitors in Target stores say they were required to work up to 70 hours a week without overtime pay and often worked seven days a week with only one day off every other week.

In fact, the lawsuit in Target stores is the latest in a growing number of lawsuits and investigations by federal agencies into similar practices—including cases involving janitors who clean national supermarket chains Safeway, Vons, Albertsons, and Ralph’s, United Parcel Service (UPS) facilities, and Wal-Mart stores.

In Houston, the company that cleans the offices of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Professional Janitorial Service (PJS), violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act by instructing janitors to work “off-the-clock” and unlawfully withholding—and in some cases failing to pay—wages due to janitors upon termination of employment, according to a new class action lawsuit filed on June 15.

Rick Bolanos has a few words to say

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Ami M. Sanchez, JD writes in to say:

Rick Bolanos needs your help! He’s running for Congress against Republican incumbant Henry Bonilla (*boo hiss*), and it would be great if the Latino community -our community- could stand behind him and help him show Bonilla that Latinos (or as Bonilla calls us “professional minorities”) WILL be heard.

Rick Bolanos has got a press realease on the SCOTUS decisions on his website:

Rick Bolano’s statement has some excellent points, and i like how he cuts to the quick:

It was morally reprehensible to violate the Voting Rights of those Hispanics in an obvious attempt to ensure Henry Bonilla’s re-election. The actions of those persons was a repugnant and shameful act that is indicative of the crisis of corruption…

This race has been perhaps overlooked or overshadowed among the netroots by Delay v Lampson (or should that be Delay v Leavenworth?) and Smith v Courage, Cuellar v Ciro, etc. Replacing Bonilla with Bolanos would definitely be an important victory.

Who can tell us more about Bolanos, his campaign, his outlook for victory?

Welcome back, and welcome a new blog

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hola everyone:

welcome back from holidays, and hoping everyone had a good Fourth!

i want to point out a new link on the left:
Name:Frank Estrada
Location:Lockhart, Texas

My name is Frank Estrada and I am the Mayor Pro-Tem from the City of Lockhart, the Bar B Q Capital of Texas. I am aslo President of AHMO, Association of Hispanic Municipal Officials.

check it out if you are in the central texas area, and need some info!

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