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A TDP Convention wrap-up (mostly links)

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Well that was a heck of a 36 hours.

As i am sure you know by now, Boyd Richie was elected in a run-off nail-biter 52%-48%. He won the election, and so he should have all our support.

Glen gave a hell of a candidate’s speech, and a top-tier concession speech, and BOR post.

Of course its tempting to let things just coast along while we Maxey supporters ponder how we got so close, yet didnt cross the line, but we gotta pull like our candidate won. We grassroots and active folks (and the new blood on the SDEC) gotta hold the new chairman’s feet to the fire to do all the things he talked about, AND we have to hold our own feet to the fire and do what we said we would do. Uniendo Comunidades, as we like to say.

This was my first state convention, i got elected to nominations committee (thanks SD14!) and generally got an intriguing education. I was honored to give the official motion to recommend “all” candidates for State Chair, rather then a “no recommendation,” even after some moves by Richie’s camp to kick Maxey supporter Rich Bailey off the nominations committee.

With Glen’s loss, I was disheartened for a while, but when i look around at all that we and our allies have done in a state this big this red this diverse, i still get excited.

how was your experience? what did you learn, see, experience?

onward, forward,

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