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And don’t forget George Will

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His Op-Ed column in the WaPo is spot on. He’s the one conservative who remains intellectually steady despite changing political tides, and in this case he also happens to be morally right.

WaPo readers Q-and-A with Tom Tancredo

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Very interesting, no matter what side of the debate you are on.

Other Views on Human Migration

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“Please ask yourself this: As we contemplate America’s moral fiber, do the real threats come from immigrants, or are some people merely blaming them for sins that are already here?”
David Brooks in an argument to social conservatives that a “balanced immigration bill is consistent with conservative values.”

“Guest worker programs are a bad idea and harm all workers. They cast workers into a perennial second-class status, and unfairly put their fates into their employers’ hands… Guest worker programs encourage employers to turn good jobs into temporary jobs at reduced wages and diminished working conditions and contribute to the growing class of workers laboring in poverty.”
AFL-CIO President John Sweeney in a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“I think all of this has been a wake-up call for the Republican Party, that you can’t pander to the right by picking on immigrants — it’s not going to work anymore.”
California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez (D-Los Angeles) to Capitol Hill.

“We’re not naive that this is going to change people’s minds. Congressional leaders have to know that people are angry, people are frustrated, people have had it [with] being treated unfairly. And they’re being organized.”
Father Richard Estrada of La Placita church on “Gran Marcha 2006.”

“We need an immigration policy that provides a real path to citizenship for those workers already here, paying taxes and contributing to their communities and that helps meet the future need for workers in a fair way. We should recognize immigrant workers not as criminals but as full members of society — as permanent residents with full rights and full mobility that employers may not exploit. As a nation that prides itself on fair treatment and equality, we simply cannot settle for anything less.”
AFL-CIO Executive VP Linda Chavez-Thompson.

Contact your Senators and Representatives.


GOP to Latinos: There will be a backlash.

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From Time:

“All these folks who are here illegally know they can protest brazenly,” [Rep. Tom Tancredo] said. “It’s really a mockery of our immigration system.” He added that the protests make him even more determined to pass a House bill that does not provide for a guest worker program and would build a 700-mile fence along the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

Texas Republican John Cornyn, who has supported a temporary worker program but one that requires illegal immigrants to leave the U.S. after working here for six years and apply for citizenship from their native country, said of the protests, “I don’t think they’re helpful,” arguing that they will only inflame the issue.

Mississippi Senator Trent Lott said that protests “make me mad,” particularly when he saw that many of the flags flown at the protest were not red, white and blue, but flags of Mexico and other Latin American countries. “I don’t like it and the American people don’t like it,” he said, adding, “When they act out like that, they lose me.”

“The views of most of the people marching in the streets of L.A. and other cities last weekend bear little or no resemblance to the majority of public opinion in this country when it comes to illegal immigration,” [GOP Pollster David] Winston wrote in a column for the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call.

Awakening the Giant

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Great pics from LA Indymedia here. Check them out.

Immigration and action in Houston

Please pardon the wholesale link action, but Stace at Dos Centavos has an excellent round-up of press and personal observations that are well-worth a read,

Houston Chronicle Reports…
How Students are involved
Guest Workers, a Permanent Second Class, and AFL-CIO

I grew up in Houston, but i dont stay as connected as i should, so its does me good to read about the on the ground action. Thanks for the info, Stace!


The Immigration Debate

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From the AP:

On California’s Cesar Chavez Day, 36,000 students from 25 Los Angeles County school districts walked out, officials told a news conference at City Hall, where more than 1,000 protested for much of the day.

“Of course there should be amnesty (for illegal immigrants). We’ve been here for many years. We work hard. We contribute to the economy of the U.S.,” said Belmont High School student Fermin Vasquez, 18.

Six students were chosen to meet with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who then stepped outside and addressed the crowd.

“I want you to know that there are people right now all across the country that agree with you that we need immigration reform that rewards work, that gives people a pathway to citizenship, that allows families to stay together,” Villaraigosa told the crowd.

The “enforcement-only” HR 4437 sparked days of protest in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and Washington. Stace has a story on the marches and walkouts in Houston. The Express-News reported an estimated 20,000 people participated in the 10th annual César Chávez march.

Meanwhile, Bush’s radio address sounded almost compassionate albeit futile. The Rs are split. And in the long run how many people are going to sign up for a sure ticket home? Undocumented workers are here for the proverbial American Dream, but Bush and his CEO friends see these individuals as dollar signs. Net gain in labor costs.

All this is probably more than we can say for what Tancredo thinks. He joined Spector on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. He promised to vote against any kind of amnesty and laughed when questioned about the criminalization of humanitarian organizations while Spector recalled the stories of his family’s immigration.

Tonight the Senate passed their own version of the bill approving a guest worker program and adopting language to protect “religious groups, women’s shelters and other charity organizations from prosecution for providing medical aid, shelter, food and counseling.”

It also beefs up the Border Patrol:

Senators also voted to hire 12,000 Border Patrol agents over the next five years, more than doubling the size of the agency to 23,300 agents, and adding 2,500 new inspectors at border ports of entry. The bill would also create 10,000 new detention beds, including the use of military installations being shuttered under the base closure law.

Cornyn promises: This is the beginning of what is a long overdue and important debate. Political pundits promise nothing major before the mid-terms.

In related news, CNN reports that GAO investigators used forged documents to purchase “a “small quantity” of radioactive materials from a commercial source while posing as employees of a fictitious company and brought the materials into the United States through checkpoints on the northern and southern borders.” The GAO also thinks the State Department and Department of Homeland Security are doing a poor job watching resources. Does this hint that the entire system might need overhauling? Does it point out the total lack of dialogue concerning our nothern border and the scapegoating of a certain segment of the population?


Delegate, Delegate, who is a State Delegate?

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I am!

Who else went to their county/sd convention and got themselves elected to the state convention?

and of course, have you made up your mind about State Party Chair?


“Paper ballots - not vapor ballots!”

Sonia coins a great phrase!

I think it sums up pretty well the trust we can have in proving our representative democracy is just that: representative.

and Sonia rounds up the press stories dealing with debated and contested TX 2006 primaries, which, and i am sure you appreciate the irony, cannot really be debated or contested while we have no meaningful way to recount.

check her diary at BOR.


Latinos For Texas’ Austin City Council Endorsements

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Thanks to the all the candidates who gave the time and energy to discuss with regular people how a vote can improve everyday life.

There is an impressive array of talent and passion and commitment among the candidates, and its a shame that we can only have one endorsement. As Alberto Gonzales (School Board Place 9 Candidate) said: We are fortunate to have to face such a tough choice.

Congratulations to Latinos For Texas’ Austin City Council Endorsements:

Place 2 Candidate Mike Martinez | Give
Place 6 Candidate Sheryl Cole | Give

(its a busy work week after SXSW so please forgive the sporadic posting!)

LFT Austin Meetup - part 1

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Last night, Latinos For Texas had a great meetup! Thanks to all the Austin, place 2 and place 6 candidates who gave so willingly of their time for a public discussion, and allowed a surprise visir from the “Latino JFKJuan Garcia to introduce himself and set the tone for an informal and educational discussion.

A fullreport is to come, so if you live in Austin, take a moment to get to know your candidates better:
Austin City Council, Place 6 and Place 2 Questionnaire:


“The KKK is coming!”

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This is hilarious. Rep. Gutierrez gives Rep. Tancredo the verbal smack down. I have worked with Luis Gutierrez and he’s a lively guy. I only have the pleasure of reading about Tom Tancredo’s craziness.

LFT Austin Meetup, Mon. Mar 20, 7pm

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LFT Austin Meetup, Mon. Mar 20, 7pm

MONDAY, MAR 20, 7:00pm at Little Mexico restaurant
2304 S 1st St, Austin, Tx (Map…)
Click here for a email or txt msg reminder.


Please visit the new LFT calendar where you can opt to let us know you are coming, as well as post your own events.

LFT Steering Committe,
Crystal, Michael, Lila, Sabas, Kevin and Mario


Tom Delay, Ronnie Earle and 30 subpoenas

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The Houston Chronicle reports a bi-partisan 3-judge panel has tossed out over 30 subpoenas sent by Travis County District Atty Ronnie Earle and his posse of prosecutors since the appeal process started on other questions, in December 2005. Perhaps, as a silver-lining, a final adjudication will come at a time when it is more likely to be fresh in the cultural memory on election day.

The panel, which is scheduled to hear Earle’s appeal on March 22, said Earle may not issue any more subpoenas while the stay is in effect; ruled all the ones issued after the stay are “null and void;” and any subpoenas issued before the stay are suspended while the appeal is pending.

The unsigned order was issued by Judges Bea A. Smith, David Puryear and Alan Waldrop. Smith is a Democrat. Puryear and Waldrop are Republicans who are up for re-election this year…

DeLay originally was indicted last year on charges of conspiring to violate the state’s election code in connection with how a political committee he founded raised and spent corporate money.

A second pair of indictments was issued the following week restating the election code conspiracy charge and added charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and money laundering.

who thinks a comeuppance is in the works?


DailyKos’s Georgia10 on Anti-HR 4437 March in Chicago

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Click here to read an amazing account of tens of thousands of people standing up for human rights for all here in America.

P.S. I work for a non-profit in Austin, Manos de Cristo, that serves the working poor in Austin–many of whom are immigrant families from Mexico and Central America. If the Sensenbrenner bill passes, we could all go to jail.

SAEN: More Texas Children Giving Birth

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That wasn’t really their title, but somehow I think it can be inferred. Go read the article covering the increase in teens giving birth since the Texas Lege passed the parental notification law.

Which reminds me - how many Dems were a little perturbed at the TDP resolutions promoting a “culture of life” offered at Tuesday’s precinct caucuses? I’m down with the abolition of the death penalty, stopping domestic abuse, and promoting a woman’s automony over her own body, but since when did the TDP lift verbage right out of the GOP platform?

Is this the pro-choice party or not?

Lie to me Jerry. Lie. To. Me.


Why the GOP’s efforts to win Hispanic voters is at odds with the racist right-wingers who are the heart of the Republican Party

Charlie Savage, of the Boston Globe, writes about the efforts made by Hispanic evangelicals to reverse anti-immigrant legislation.

The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Jr., president of a group he says represents 15 million Hispanic evangelical Christians, said his fellow social conservatives are making a historic mistake. By spurning proposals to give illegal immigrants a shot at citizenship instead of deportation, they are making it easier for supporters of abortion and same-sex marriage to win elections.

‘’This is a watershed moment for the Republican Party,” said Rodriguez, digging into a steak at an American flag-festooned restaurant near the US Capitol, where he had been lobbying GOP leaders last week. ‘’Hispanics are social conservatives. Their votes can determine the next 25 years of national elections. But all that is in jeopardy, based on what is happening.”

What is happening is that the GOP-led Congress is on the verge of making sweeping changes in border-security laws this year that could shape political alliances in the Southwest for decades.

Republicans are split over what to do with the millions of undocumented immigrants already inside the United States.

Some support intensifying efforts to deport them all. Others, including President Bush and Senator John McCain of Arizona, favor letting them stay as legalized guest workers if they come forward and pay a fine and back taxes.

Rodriguez, chief executive officer of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, and a handful of other religious activists said they hope Congress will adopt a version that allows undocumented immigrants to stay in the country with a shot at becoming citizens.

They contend that taking an immigrant-friendly approach could help social conservatives win the culture wars for decades to come.

The numbers help make Rodriguez’s case: Of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States, about 80 percent are from Latin America. And, according to a 2002 Pew Hispanic Center poll, 77 percent of foreign-born Latinos believe that abortion is unacceptable, and 73 percent reject homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle.

But Rodriguez has not gotten far with his contention that social conservatives who advocate deportation are being short-sighted. The House of Representatives has passed a bill calling for stepped up deportation efforts. Many conservative lawmakers in the House balked at giving undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship, saying that would reward lawbreakers.

Last week, the Senate began work on its own immigration bill. Several lawmakers have filed versions that would allow the undocumented to stay legally as guest workers, but some lawmakers most opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage are urging their colleagues to focus only on deportation.

Somehow I don’t think it’s going to work. Here’s what Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-CO, says in reaction to mainstream Christian activists who support helping immigrants become citizens :

‘’The faith community must step forward and tell left-leaning activists that undermining border security is not a religious imperative,” he said.

And this is why the long-term GOP project is going to fail: Christian nationalists have more in common with atheist racists than with Christian immigrants. And it isn’t Christ that they share. The whole article is a must read, and page 2 reminds us that Christians are biblically called to care for immigrants, along with the weak, sick, and suffering.


Open Thread

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Ciro Rodriguez came from long-shot to worthy opponent, Madla gets locked in his trunk, Delay is in real trouble among Republicans, and Ann Richards has cancer of the esophagus. What a day.


Uresti defeats Madla!

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with 86% reporting i think its safe to say, Uresti and all the real Democrats can celebrate freedom from the trunk! Way to go Uresti and the netroots and the boots on the ground!

State Senator, District 19

Frank Madla - (I) 8,808 44.88% 15,638 43.51%
Carlos I. Uresti 10,818 55.12% 20,306 56.49%
————— —————
Total Votes Cast 19,626 35,944
Precincts Reported 279 of 324 Precincts 86.11%


Henry Cuellar is a Republican

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And I have the link to prove it.

Read it and weep.

Mil gracias, BOR.

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