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Ciro Rodriguez v. Cuellar - UPDATE!

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Well, for now, this is a blog post about a debate.

San Antonio’s new blog, or ‘weblog’ as the URL calls it, reports a date and time has been set for CD28’s new incumbent to debate Ciro Rodriguez.

If you cant get to the Kelly club at KellyUSA on Monday February 6, 2006 at 11:30 a.m, the debate will be made available on Time Warner and its On-Demand service.

UPDATE: report a change in venue!

Organizers of the upcoming debate between U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar and Ciro Rodriguez were forced to change venues Tuesday after learning that federal guidelines prohibit political functions at KellyUSA.
Monday’s debate will now be held in the Depot at Sunset Station, 1174 E. Commerce, said Marcel Johnson of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

The event between the two Democrats vying for the 28th Congressional District seat is scheduled from noon to 1 p.m. It is open to the public.

What would you ask Cuellar? or Ciro Rodriguez?

Justice For Janitors Rally in Houston

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Amber Goodwin writes into tell us that newly formed SEIU Texas union for Houston Janitors is working for health care for low-wage janitors. A cleaning contractor named Professional Janitorial Service (PJS), does not offer health insurance to their workers. Get informed about the situation!

PJS Workers Rally
Wednesday, February 1 2006 2:00pm
Arena Towers, 7322-7324 Southwest Freeway Rte 59S and Fondren

Support PJS Workers! Come to Our Rally, because…
Every Worker Deserves a Chance at the American Dream

Without health coverage, the hard-working janitors who clean buildings have to choose between putting food on the table and a visit to the doctor.

Their employer, cleaning contractor Professional Janitorial Service (PJS), does not offer janitors health insurance—and the low wages PJS pays workers mean even basic medical care is out of reach.

PJS’s stance is the wrong direction for Houston and the wrong prescription for health care in our city.

Support health care for working families in Houston.

Questions? Please contact Amber at (713)907 0008

Amber Goodwin
Houston Justice for Janitors
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
4299 San Felipe Suite 200
Houston, Texas 77027
(713) 907-0008


An In-Kind Donation?

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The mysterious ’site admin’ struck silently with his post of a BOR interview with Sen. Madla. As part of the BOR 40/40 Project we hear today from the Senator in an an op-ed piece:

And with an elementary school not far from my home in South San Antonio as my namesake, every day, I will drive by a concrete reminder of the debt that is owed to every Texas student, from those in kindergarten to those in our higher learning institutions. I believe in them, and I will spare no effort to ensure they have every support needed to reach their highest potential.

Royalgate Elementary was renamed to Frank Madla Elementary when the South San ISD board voted to change it last week. The SA-EN editorial board voted to call the renaming heavy-handed politics.

From the piece:

School board President Manuel Lopez claims the renaming is not politically motivated. The board merely wants to show appreciation for Madla’s service, including a stint on the school board, Express-News education writer Michelle Martinez reported.

If that is so, then why was there no public discussion of the proposal before the vote took place? Why has the staff at Royalgate Elementary School been admonished about speaking to the news media?

This school board is not known for keeping politics out of the district’s business.

This is the same board that two years ago refused, despite public outcry, to remove the face of former school board member Raul Prado from a mural on a high school wall of honor after he was sentenced on public corruption charges.


Update from the Charlie Baird campaign

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Bloggers love attention from candidates. So I share with joy what we received in an email today:

Judge Charlie Baird in the Spotlight

(AUSTIN, Texas) –   Travis County judicial candidate for the 299th
District Court, Judge Charlie Baird, recently received two important
political endorsements for the March 7th Democratic Primary. On January
20th, the Travis County Sheriff’s Officers Association (TCSOA) announced
its decision to back Baird. Shortly following this endorsement, Judge
Baird was endorsed by South Austin Tejano Democrats.

TCSOA is the largest and oldest Sheriff’s union in the county. “I am proud
to have the support of these brave women and men who work tirelessly every
day to protect us from those who would violate our criminal laws and place
us in harm’s way,” Judge Baird said.

On January 24th, the South Austin Tejano Democrats became the fourth
organization to endorse Judge Charlie Baird. “The support of strong
democratic groups such as the South Austin Tejano Democrats is key in
local races, and I am excited about working with them,” Baird said.

See how easy this is?

Rep. Carlos Urest (SD19 challenger) interview

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BOR is continuing their excellent getting to know your politicians “40/40″ interviews.

State Rep. Carlos Uresti is challenging two-term incumbent Frank Madla for Senate District 19. As you may recall from yesterday, SD19 is a large parcel of land. Its Senator represents folks from a broad swath from western Bexar county to the eastern edge of El Paso. Its roughly 2/3 Hispanic, and there are some genuine differences of opinion among the two candidates.

The questions, and their answers run from the very expected general:

  • Why are you running for Senate District 19?

to the nicely specific:

  • What do you believe needs to be done about school finance and property tax reform?
  • Beyond education and health care, what do you feel is the biggest issue for the constituents of SD 19?
  • Why is it OK for there to be privatization in SB 6, and not OK for there to be privatization in HB 2292?

read more, and let us know whatyou think in the comments.


Interesting interview with SD19’s Senator Frank Madla

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BOR has a lengthy, worth-reading interview with incumbent SD19 State Senator Frank Madla, who is challenged in the primary by State Rep. Carlos Uresti for a district which is roughly 66% Hispanic, and stretches from western Bexar county to the outskirts of El Paso.

Its a range of broad and very specific lines of inquiry:

  • Why are you running again for Senate District 19?
  • It seems like – and I may be looking at the numbers completely wrong –most of the families in your district would have been taxed more if House Bill 3 had passed in May. Why did you decide to support and vote for HB 3?
  • What do you believe needs to be done about school finance and property tax reform?
  • and lots more

read it all…
and let us know what you think in the comments.


Community Calendar

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If you haven’t yet checked out our community calendar, please follow this link!. Es super bueno.


Juan Garcia to make it official

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Next Thursday the Texas Latino JFK will be launching his campaign for Texas House District 32.


a new issue of La Politiquera

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Alfredo Santos writes in to mention the Jan2006 issue of La Politiquera is available, which includes among many other topics

  • an extensive article with lots of data on the 100 most active PACs in Texas.
  • a congratulations to the National Champion Longhorns!
  • and i think a important obervation about defense and offense — among Latino organizations
  • and more

email Santos ( for a copy, or download the pdf from


Gov. Perry as a steward of Texas citizens’ money…

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A new scandal in the wind??

Reported in the houston chronicle and a nationally prominent blog called talkingpointsmemo

Before 2003, the State of Texas had never hired a private sector lobbyist to advocate its interests in Washington, DC. That year Gov. Rick Perry (R) hired Drew Maloney, a former Chief of Staff for Tom DeLay, on a contract that has since paid him $180,000 in state funds.

According to this article in the Houston Chronicle, prior to being hired, Maloney had made no more than $250 in political campaign contributions.

Since being hired he’s contributed $75,000 to various Republican political committees.

Last year the state added former Abramoff associate Todd Boulanger to their lobbying stable. The Maloney and Boulanger contracts will cost the state $1.1 million through August of next year.

Wait, there’s more. Apparently, Craddick is on record, in writing, as opposed to this spending and these ‘outside lobbyists.’ Washing his hands of the deal, and placing thebuck firmly where it belongs: Rick Perry.

Now, making sure federal dollars find their way to Texas is almost certainly a wise investment, which i imagine just about any thinkng voter will support.

Also, seems to me, that thinking voters should find a way to not-suppport folks who, when in control the political system, find suspicious ways to benefit their political party, rather than doing the hard work to improve our schools, healthcare and about 214 other priorities.

How about a comment, thinking voters?


Dems get 60% of HD48 vote, but…

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A big congratulations to Donna Howard for an outstanding result in the HD 48 special election!

Unfortunately, she settles in just ever-so-shy of the 50% required (49.47% last time i looked), so there will be a runoff election in about a month.

Forgive the broken record about every vote counting, but its well worth noting (according to BurntOrangeReport) that is just 73 votes short of avoiding a run-off.

on the bright side, it looks quite good for Donna Howard!

congrats again,


Delay’s Ship Has Sunk

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A poll done by the Houston Chronicle shows some amazing, but understandable, results:
Only half of those who cast ballots for DeLay in 2004 said they will do so again. And while a fourth of the 2004 DeLay voters still aren’t sure whom they will vote for this year, almost 20 percent have defected to other candidates.

Here are the numbers if the race were today:
Lampson — 30%
DeLay — 22%
Stockman — 11%
Other/Undecided — 37%

Delay has a favorability rating at only 28%, with 60% unfavorable, in a district that he has represented for 20 years. 91% of respondents say they have a lower opinion of Tom DeLay now than they did last year.

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