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La Politiquera, September, 2005

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Alfred Santos lets us know that the September issue of La Politiquera is now available, and adds “We are always looking for contributing writers.”

Download a copy from

and let him what you think.

Thanks Santos,

Bush’s Choreographed Address - Too Little, Too Late

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In an attempt to slow his plummeting poll numbers, President Bush addressed the nation last night in his first prime-time speech since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. However, as a President that bills himself as “swift”, “decisive”, and “compassionate” leader, waiting three weeks to address the nation in a highly scripted and choreographed speech is neither “swift”, “decisive”, or “compassionate.”

As Martin Luther King said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

While the President was comfortably vacationing in Crawford, hundreds of people were struggling to survive. So, forgive me if I don’t take the President’s promises to rebuild at face value.

As the President has difficulty saying…trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me.

Acts of Contrition

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George W. Bush must have met up with God this week. What else could have made him say this?

Our third commitment is this: when communities are rebuilt, they must be even better and stronger than before the storm. Within the Gulf region are some of the most beautiful and historic places in America. As all of us saw on television, there is also some deep, persistent poverty in this region as well. And that poverty has roots in a history of racial discrimination, which cut off generations from the opportunity of America. We have a duty to confront this poverty with bold action. So let us restore all that we have cherished from yesterday, and let us rise above the legacy of inequality. When the streets are rebuilt, there should be many new businesses, including minority-owned businesses, along those streets. When the houses are rebuilt, more families should own, not rent, those houses. When the regional economy revives, local people should be prepared for the jobs being created. Americans want the Gulf Coast not just to survive, but to thrive … not just to cope, but to overcome. We want evacuees to come home, for the best of reasons – because they have a real chance at a better life in a place they love.

Of course, the American people have heard this Administration outright lie many times before. Does he deserve the benefit of the doubt? No. One speech cannot smooth over the misery on the Gulf Coast or the anguish born with every decision that favored cronies and greed over people. These kinds of failures cannot be reframed. Actions will always speak louder than words.

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