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Buy Gallo Wine

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Not that I needed an excuse to buy alcohol, but the UFW boycott is now over. The good guys won. From an email I received:

Thanks to the help of countless supporters such as yourself, we are pleased to make an exciting announcement. The United Farm Workers and Gallo Vineyards Inc. have reached agreement on a new contract providing Gallo of Sonoma workers with many important gains. The workers voted nearly unanimously to ratify the agreement. The Gallo wine boycott has ended. Your participation and support of our campaign made a huge difference. 

Below is the news release we put out this morning announcing the good news.  If you live in the Bay Area, please join UFW President Arturo Rodriguez, workers from Gallo of Sonoma and hundreds of supporters at 12 noon (Wednesday, Sept. 14) on the steps of San Francisco City Hall facing Civic Center Plaza as we toast the new Gallo contract.  If not, please buy a bottle of Gallo of Sonoma and make your own toast to the Gallo of Sonoma vineyard workers whose commitment and determination made all this possible.

Again, thank you for all your help and buy the union label!

Viva La Causa! 

Victory is so delicious.

Want Courage in Congress?

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John Courage is running for Congress, and he could use support. Learn more about John Courage and CD 21

Congressional District 21

So I pass this msg along:


A lot of us are doing grassroots work for John Courage, who is running
against Lamar Smith for Congressional District 21. Right now
and through Saturday 9/17, we have an important vote that
we can all take part in, at Democracy for America. This vote
is open to everyone. You do not have to be an official Democracy
for America member, or even reside in Congressional District 21.
CD21 now includes a good portion of Travis county, and we have
a great opportunity to win that seat back for our party.

Please go and vote for John Courage in CD21 before Saturday
John is the only Texas candidate in this round of endorsements.
Let’s make sure he gets lots of Texas votes.

This vote can be a critical launching point for John’s campaign. It
could mean contributions in the thousands from Democrats
around the nation. We hope the exposure will draw the attention
of the DNC and DCCC and lead to other endorsements from
progressive organizations.

John’s official web site address is
John also launches his campaign officially, this weekend at 10:00 a.m.
on Saturday the 17th in Austin, at the east gate of the Texas Capitol
grounds. Please join us if you can.

I am also asking you to spread the word throughout Texas and the
entire US. Send the following information with your own note
to all of your email contacts telling them that they can help
John Courage get the DFA-List endorsement.

More Info on the Online Vote from DFA:
Democracy for America will host an online vote to determine
which congressional candidate will receive their first DFA-List
endorsement of 2006. The vote will be open to all challengers
and open seat candidates. The candidate with the most votes
at the end of balloting will receive a DFA-List endorsement
and a national e-mail from DFA’s Chair Jim Dean.

The voting will take place in two stages. First, they will hold
an online vote to narrow the field of 30+ candidates that have
applied for DFA’s endorsement down to ten. They will then hold
an instant run-off vote amongst those 10 candidates to determine
the first endorsement of 2006.

The voting for each round will last for five days and will be open
to all visitors to:
Safeguards will be in place to assure a one person-one vote
policy. Jim Dean’s e-mail appeal will be sent to supporters on
behalf of the top vote-getter during the week of September 27th.
To vote, visit:


David Letterman’s Top Ten Questions For The FEMA Director Application

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In case you missed David Letterman’s “Top Ten Questions For The FEMA Director Application” last night, here it is. My favorite is #3.

10. “Are you able to convey a false sense of security?”

9. “What percentage of your resume is fabricated?”

8. “In a crisis, which state or local officials would you blame?”

7. “What are your plans after you resign?”

6. “Do you mind if the last guy left the office smelling like Arabian horses?”

5. “Which is most serious: A disaster, a catastrophe, or a dis-astrophe?”

4. “Does Robert Blake dating again count as an emergency?”

3. “Can the president easily add ‘-ie’ to your last name to form a nickname?”

2. “Can you screw up bad enough to take the heat off the president’s mistakes?”

1. “Michael Brown…Idiot or moron?”

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