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We don’t need no commie help

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Republican idiots in Washington turn down Cuban medical team with years of experience. ¿Puedes decir “terco“?

Become a Legal Observer

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From an email I received:


The Minutemen have announced their intent to patrol the Texas border and some central Texas cities starting the month of October.  They are already “patrolling” for undocumented immigrants in Houston and Brownsville, Texas.

In Austin, we want to be prepared should the Minutemen set up shop here. By becoming a Legal Observer you can aid in achieving the goal of preventing abuses of migrants.

What is a Legal Observer?

Traditionally, a legal observer is a volunteer who attends demonstrations, protests and similar events to ensure that everyone’s rights are upheld.  In this instance we follow the Minutemen to ensure there is no violence.

Why should I become a Legal Observer?

While observing the Minutemen, Legal Observers are also deterring abuses with their presence by documenting illegal activity. Legal Observers will position themselves alongside Minutemen volunteers, but will remain separate from them.  They will at all times remain non-violent and non-confrontational with both Minutemen and law enforcement.

Is it safe to become a Legal Observer?

Legal Observers will be sent in groups with nothing more than a two-way radio, cell phone and video camera to observe armed individuals.  Legal observers are to adhere to strict non-violence and will be unarmed.  It is our greatest hope that there will be no violence.

Who’s conducting this training?

Ray Ibarra of the ACLU trained hundreds of Legal Observers last April in Arizona.  He is a native of Douglas, Arizona and has conducted extensive research on the Minutemen.

Enroll for this training now!  Austin must remain a safe place for all its residents!

English Training:                                                 
(Friday) Sept. 16, 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.                      

To enroll:
Candice Lewis   
(512) 740-1768          

Spanish Training
(Tuesday) Sept. 20, 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

To enroll:
Yvonne Montejano                      
(512) 474-2399

Geology Building, Room 2.218                                           
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
1711 East Oltorf Street

For More Information Please visit

Now this is a great idea. Nothing puts people on the defensive like unarmed, nonviolent observers. A great response to racist rednecks with rifles. En serio.

(Please note: I have nothing against rednecks. I love the bumpersticker that says “Redneck Democrat.” Maybe I’ve got a little red on my neck too.)

Gonzales not likely pick for Supreme Court

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Despite a coordinated defense of Gonzalez’s conservative credentials by White House folks and the opportunity to increase Hispanic support for Republicans, I agree with William Kristol:

But the anti-Gonzales drumbeat on the right has not quieted. Haunted by Republican presidential court picks who have proved more moderate than they would like once on the bench, conservatives argue that Gonzales has not shown himself devoted to their cause on such hot-button issues as abortion and affirmative action. In the face of such concern, William Kristol, the editor of the conservative Weekly Standard, said that for Bush to pick Gonzales would be the equivalent of Bush’s father’s decision to break his “no new taxes” pledge.

Read the whole enchilada from the WaPo today here and decide for yourself.

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