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Dean and the “Democrats are seeking to woo back Hispanics”

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I had breakfast with Howard Dean and a group of DFTers back in November or December, prior to his winning the chairmanship.. I am not a Deanic, but I do like the guy. He stayed with us for over an hour and talked about a 50-state strategy to “take our country back.” It wasn’t this discussion that gave me the most hope, but actually one of the first questions he asked - what is the relationship amongst minority communities here (yeah, I was the only minority in the room at the time). I knew immediately that the Doctor was on to something that had been overlooked - for a long time.

This weekend, Dean will come to Texas again. He will address the DNC Hispanic Leadership Summit and without a doubt (in my mind) inspire a lot of Dems to fight harder and longer no matter how lonely it may feel here in the Lone Star State.

The Express-News’ Rebeca Rodriguez published an intro story about the Summit this weekend. You can check it out here (or after the jump, as PD likes to say).

Here’s a quote (emphasis mine):

Frank Guerra, a local Republican consultant who has worked on several state and national campaigns including Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign, said the appeal of the Republican Party lies not just in the issues it supports, but in its overall philosophy. (Which here in Texas is to not fund our schools, hand out corporate welfare, use smoke and mirrors in lieu of real solutions, and rip foster kids from their gay parents… )

“Democrats are the champions of the people and in the past, the Democratic Party did a fantastic job of fighting those battles,” Guerra said. “But the Republican Party is the guardian of the American dream. It speaks about opportunity (Unless you’re gay… or worse a gay minority!).


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