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Calling Senators about Gonzales

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hi folks,
Just wanted to say I called the offices of both Sen. Hutchinson and Sen. Cornyn in D.C. urging them to vote no on the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General. It took a total of 38 seconds for both calls.

Here are the numbers:
Cornyn: 202-224-2934
Hutchinson: 202-224-5922

My conscience is suddenly much clearer.

CHIP this session

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This is just a quick note to let people know that I will be tracking CHIP restoration bills in the Texas Legislature this session as an intern for Texas Impact. The prospects for restoring state funds for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (and thereby drawing down un montón de federal dinero) are pretty good. There is substantial bipartisan support now from the significant public outcry in 2004.

All of my findings, in exciting narrative form, can be found on the Texas Impact website on my blog: . I will also post here on LFT periodically about the intersection of religion and Latino politics here in Texas.


Rep. Eddie Rodriguez needs our help

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The buzz around the state capitol has been school finance.. how will we fix it? Sin taxes? Higher sales tax? $1 state property tax?

Few legislators have been as bold as St. Rep. Eddie Rodriguez. Since last session (and maybe even before that), he has been working on *gasp* a state income tax plan. The Quorum Report recently posted a story on the Rodriguez plan. Notably, while Republican leaders have been professing to do anything to save public education and our children.. they have been quietly killing this legislation. QR reports:

Rodriguez introduced state income tax legislation during the last regular session but with Gov. Rick Perry saying it was the one option that was not on the table, Rodriguez could not even get a hearing for his bill. Rodriguez said his immediate goal during the upcoming session was to get a hearing. “We have got to be part of the dialogue. Nothing should be off the table when it comes to the education of Texas kids,” he said.

Help Rep. Rodriguez get a hearing - call, e-mail or visit (if you are so inclined) the Chair of the House Public Education Committee - Rep. Kent Grusendorf.

Capitol Office
Room CAP 1W.02
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768
(512) 463-0624
(512) 463-1398 Fax

Update: Reference HB 90. Click here to read the bill.


want to OWN a blog area?

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Hello all:

Add your ideas and your voice to the LFT blog!

Do you care about fair representation, guest worker policies, alberto gonzales, jobs, healthcare, your community? –in english o en espanol?

If you would like to be the owner of a blog category, that is, the lead LFT blogger whom members can look to for information, links, and insight, then leave a comment or send an email to and we will get you on your way.



Property Tax Freeze For San Antonio’s Seniors on the May 7th Ballot

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Yesterday, the San Antonio City Council voted 10-1 to include a proptery tax freeze for seniors on the May ballot. The lone dissenter was councilman Richard Perez. Perez stated that the measure, if it passed, “was bad public policy” because it would apply equally to all seniors whether rich or poor. Mayor Ed Garza put in his two cents stating that “it certainly is not the best way to provide property tax relief to the seniors who need it most.” Nevertheless Garza stated that voter support for the measure could not be ignored. Councilmen and mayoral candidates Carroll Schubert and Julian Castro are backing the proposition citing the continuing squeeze on seniors with fixed incomes.

One thing is certain.. this proposition will certainly bring voters to the polls.

Read Express-News columnist Ken Rodriguez’s take on the issue.

Cisneros Receives ‘King’ Award

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For all you San Antonians, one of our favorite mayors, Henry Cisneros, earned honors this week after the city awarded him the 2005 Martin Luther King Jr. Distinguished Achievement Award. The Express-News reports that San Antonio’s first Hispanic mayor deserves credit for creating the city’s MLK Comission back in 1985. Now 57, Cisneros serves as chairman of American CityVista, an organization focused on building homes in central areas of major cities. Ethel Minor, chairwoman of the awards committee, said in a news release, “Cisneros has demonstrated a passion for improving the lives of those less fortunate through his work in African American and Hispanic neighborhoods. He has shown leadership in assisting the disenfranchised and personifies Dr. King’s strong commitment to human rights.”

Cisernos called King one of America’s greatest leaders and praised his vision, persistence and dedication to civil rights.


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