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‘Engaging Iran’ author Nathan Gonzalez at DFT- Austin meetup, Oct 3.

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A few years back, in the heady post-Dean days of the presidential cycle, as Democracy for America and Latinos for America took shape on the national level, Latinos for Texas was formed to engage more Hispanics in the political process. In helping coordinate DemocracyFest 2005 and its dozens of speakers on dozens of topics across two or three days, I got to know LFA’er Nathan Gonazales, and he said something that has actually stuck with me, although i don’t think he even knows it.

It boiled down to essentially this: “It will be great when Hispanics arent recruited to speak on immigration, and aren’t asked opinions on brown people because they are also brown. It will be great when you need an expert on foreign policy or taxes and international economic strategy and so-what that she is hispanic or anglo or black.” Or maybe it was a much shorter ‘Stop asking me about immigration, and ask me about Iran.’

Either way, with his fresh new book, “Engaging Iran,” with a freshly-minted masters from Columbia, Nathan Gonzalez will not be talking about Immigration at the next DFT meetup, Wed Oct 3. 6:30pm at Scholtzs (1601 San Jacinto, Austin, Tx.)

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