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Judge Jim Coronado Austin Fundraiser: Wed, Sept. 26

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LFT proudly supported Judge Jim Coronado’s efforts last cycle, he is superbly qualified and a real standout in the community. If you can help, come on by:

Judge Jim Coronado kick-off fund-raiser and campaign roundup this Wednesday, Sept 26:

Thistle Cafe, 300 West Sixth Street
Wednesday, September 26, 5 - 7 PM
Suggested Donation: $50
(all contributions welcome! Enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres & complimentary beverages)

Jim Coronado is currently Magistrate Judge of the Travis County Criminal District Courts, appointed unanimously by the criminal district judges in 1991. He has been a judge for more than 18 years and is a past president of the Austin/Travis County Bar Association. He is a candidate in the upcoming March 4, 2008 Democratic Primary for judge of the 427th District Court.

This criminal district court was created by an act of the 79th Legislature, came into existence in January of this year and was recently filled by gubernatorial appointment. The voters of Travis County will choose the next judge in the November 4, 2008 general election.

Sponsorships available
Trail Boss $2,500; Top Hand $1,000; Wrangler $500; Drover $250; Ranch Hand $125. (Checks may be brought to the event. On-line donations also accepted at


Tom Delay, Ronnie Earle and 30 subpoenas

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The Houston Chronicle reports a bi-partisan 3-judge panel has tossed out over 30 subpoenas sent by Travis County District Atty Ronnie Earle and his posse of prosecutors since the appeal process started on other questions, in December 2005. Perhaps, as a silver-lining, a final adjudication will come at a time when it is more likely to be fresh in the cultural memory on election day.

The panel, which is scheduled to hear Earle’s appeal on March 22, said Earle may not issue any more subpoenas while the stay is in effect; ruled all the ones issued after the stay are “null and void;” and any subpoenas issued before the stay are suspended while the appeal is pending.

The unsigned order was issued by Judges Bea A. Smith, David Puryear and Alan Waldrop. Smith is a Democrat. Puryear and Waldrop are Republicans who are up for re-election this year…

DeLay originally was indicted last year on charges of conspiring to violate the state’s election code in connection with how a political committee he founded raised and spent corporate money.

A second pair of indictments was issued the following week restating the election code conspiracy charge and added charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and money laundering.

who thinks a comeuppance is in the works?


More Endorsements for Judge Charlie Baird

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From press release I received:
Hispanic Lawyers Support Baird’s Candidacy

(AUSTIN, Texas) – This week, the Hispanic Bar Assn of Austin endorsed Judge Charlie Baird in his bid for the 299th District Court of Travis County.

“The endorsement of this established and respected bar association means the legal community recognizes that my fifteen years of judicial experience coupled with my seven years as a law school professor make me
the best qualified candidate in this race.” Judge Baird said.

Also, last night Judge Baird was endorsed by the West Austin Democrats, an organization that has been home to progressive Democrats for many years. These two endorsements bring the total to 14 different clubs and associations. Each endorsement reflects their commitment to the people of Travis County to make sure only the best qualified candidates serve on our
most important criminal courts.


White House Attempts to Suppress News of Indictments with Radical Judge Pick

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In typical White House fashion, when the news is not good – distract and divert.

In an attempt to distract and divert recent news coverage of criminal charges that go straight to the heart of national security and the integrity of the president, the White House just named a radical judge as a Supreme Court nominee.

This morning, the White House named Judge Alito as Supreme Court nominee to replace Sandra Day O’Conner. Judge Alito was the lone dissenting judge to vote that a woman must get the man’s consent before terminating a pregnancy. Fortunately, the other judges on the court disagreed. However, I’m sure more of his personal-agenda rulings will be uncovered in the days ahead.

And this is exactly what the White House wants. By nominating Alito, this, of course, will create a fight that will be sure to turn news coverage away from the possible criminal actions of lies and deceit to conceal the truth about their reasons for going to war.

After all, when President Bush took the White House, he indicated that he wanted to “restore honor and integrity” to the White House.

Unfortunately, lying to the American people about connections between Iraq and 9/11 while thousands of young soldiers – fathers, mothers, brother, and sisters – die in Iraq, is neither honorable nor truthful.


It’s not Alberto Gonzales

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Not that there was a great chance anyway, but what do folks know about Harriet Miers? Any old Texas stories?


Delay on the chopping block

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The day of reckoning is upon us. Post reactions to comments.

UPDATE: X-mas and my birthday have come early. Or lighting strikes twice. Pick your metaphors. This time with a sexier name.


Guest Blogger: Alfred Stanley

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Alfred Stanley, a friend of LFT, introduces Judge Jim Coronado to us:

Saludos LFT! Me llamo Alfred Stanley. I am helping my old friend, Judge Jim Coronado run for Justice of the Third Court of Appeals, which serves a 24-county area centered around Travis. Justice Jan Patterson serves on the Court. Attorney Diane Henson ran for it last year, did not quite make it and is running for a different place next year. Four of the six places on the court will be up in November, 2006.

Jim is a judge with 16 years experience and would make an excellent appellate judge. (An appellate judge is also referred to as a justice.) One of the reasons we’re both excited about this race is the opportunity to reach out to potential Hispanic voters. Travis County is 45% of the district; the district outside of Travis is about one-quarter Hispanic but not nearly as well organized as Travis. Yet there are lots of positive things to build upon. Jimmy Rocha, for example, is Williamson Co. chair, and Williamson Co. is 15% of the district, fast growing and becoming more and more Hispanic. Political consultant David Butts recently told me he expects Democrats to be able to pick up a commissioners seat there soon.

While I’m an Anglo born in New York City, I’ve been in Texas for nearly 30 years and have played key roles in the campaigns of Gus Garcia and Gonzalo Barrientos (fund-raiser for Gus’s first City Council campaign and for Gonzalo’s first and most recent Senate campaigns). Gus and his wife Marina are the godparents of my youngest son.

I value diversity and do what I can to make sure that well-qualified minorities and women are not overlooked when it comes to being considered for office. Other clients of mine include Travis County’s first African-American sheriff, Greg Hamilton, and former Austin Mayor Pro Tem Jackie Goodman. Often, I’ve made it possible for candidates who do not have a lot of personal resources to be able to run well-funded, winning campaigns.

Over the last ten years I’ve also recruited, trained and helped young Hispanics get a foothold in politics including Adrian Saenz with Congressman Charlie Gonzalez, Jim Navarro, formerly with Congressman Nick Lampson and State Rep. Joe Deshotel, Tanya Vazquez, chief of staff to Rep. Trey Martinez Fisher, Rebecca Leal with the Texas Freedom Network and numerous others.

I’d primarily like to blog on Judge Coronado’s campaign as it unfolds and reflect upon the challenges and successes of reaching out to Latinos, some of whom may need to be encouraged to pursue citizenship, some of whom may need to register, some of whom are registered but need to be inspired by the possibility of a Justice Jim Coronado and all that that represents, some of whom vote but who may never have worked on a campaign, and some of whom may be involved but who are anxious to help achieve the still significant milestone of electing a Mexican-American to a Texas appellate bench.

Judge Jim Coronado

Mil gracias, Alfred.

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