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Glen Maxey “Why I am Running” Podcasts

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Listen to Glen Maxey’s reasons for running for Texas Democratic Party State Chair:

En Español

In English


My Vote is My Voice: En Español

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(This is a little late, but you can read the discussion here.)

This Monday My Vote My Voice will be holding its first ever interactive Guest Blog in Spanish and you are invited! I will be blogging in Spanish from 8pm, EST to 9pm, EST and would like to invite you to join me.

We are a bilingual, bicultural community and this is a golden opportunity for us to raise our political voices in Spanish. I look forward to seeing you and chatting with you this Monday at 8pm EST on the web.

“¡Juntos Si Podemos!”

Kety Esquivel
Communications Director and LFA National Board Member


Categories? Categories!

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