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Voter Reg Drive - Austin, All Day, All Over Town

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Be a part of the annual Last-Day-to-Register Marathon!
Feb 04, 2008 8am-midnight at Fiesta (38th and I-35)

If you want to register voters on Monday, you can get deputized by Glen Maxey who will be at the Riverside Grocery (just east of IH 35, Riverside at Parker). Stop by there first, if you are not already a Deputy Registrar, then stop by any of the locations listed below!

LFT is coordinating the Fiesta location at 38th and I-35, but wherever you can help for as long as you can help will make a difference.

Remember, Monday, Feb 04, is the deadline if you want to vote in the Presidential primaries! Shifts are in four hour blocks, but if you can only come for part of it, thats okay, too. Simply sign up in the shift that is closest, then email to let us know your details.

We do this every year for the last few years, and people always say they like it, even though it is a fair amount of work, it is good work. Also, don’t worry if a few people are already signed up, we can always use a few extra hands.

Spanish speakers especially encouraged to volunteer, but not at all required!





Other Locations:
University Co-Op on the Drag @ 2246 Guadalupe
Wheatsville Coop @ 3101 Guadalupe
Goodwill @ 2800 S Lamar
Whole Foods Market @ 6th at Lamar
Fiesta Mart @ IH 35 and 38th
Guero’s @ 1412 S. Congress
Riverside Grocery (Parker & East Riverside) @ 1727 E Riverside Dr
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts @ 701 E Stasney Dr
MT Supermarket - Chinatown Center @ 10901 N. Lamar Blvd.

Email Ryan Giggs, anytime, at for details and assignments.

Thanks for being involved,
LFT Steering Committee
(Crystal, Lila, Mario, Michael, Richard and Sabas)


Austin Meetup: Council Re-Destricting and Clean Elections

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On the agenda:

True Courage Action Network’s Clean Elections Projects
(Rescheduled from last month.)
Austin City Council Seat Re-districting Proposal

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 7pm
NOTE NEW LOCATION: El Mercado, South First St.
1302 S 1st St, Austin, Tx, 78704

True Courage Action Network’s Field Director Stewart Snider will present the TCAN Clean Elections project, a statewide initiative to educate voters and candidates about the role of public financing of elections. Its an idea whose time has come in Texas, but it won’t be easy, or quick. This should be an informative and engaging discussion. Background info:

Austin City Councilman Mike Martinez will discuss the moves to re-configure how Austin city council is structured: single-member, at-large, super-districts, hybrids, the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ and do these methods mean more responsive goverment, more affordable campaigns, better representation? Richard dePalma will also tell us about the lessons learned from San Francisco’s efforts to re-structure their city council. There are lots of factors at play, so this will be an interesting discussion.
As always, hope to see you, with a friend,

Your LFT Steering Committee Mario, Crystal, Lila, Michael, & Sabas
Latinos for Texas Steering Committee


UPDATE: HB 626 passes

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Despite wide-spread opposition, and a truly remarkable, even stunning, lack of evidence pointing to a need for its existence, HB 626 passed out of the house.

State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin) released a statement which sums it up nicely

“Let’s be clear about this: there is no voter impersonation problem or voter fraud epidemic in this state,” said Rep. Rodriguez. “This is part of a partisan disenfranchisement effort to keep seniors, minorities, and the poor from voting.  I voted against House Bill 626 to protect the voting rights of every Texan.”

From the federal level on down, there really is a systematic effort by Republicans to win elections by manipulating the process, since they cannot compete on the merits. And, it doesn’t hurt that they find it morally easy to scapegoat the already tenuously involved, and their low-information, lousy-moral-compassed minions just plod along according to their marching orders.

is it too cliche to remind people of the banality of evil?


UPDATE: HB218 passes out of the House, HB 626 postponed

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from BOR:

“House Bill 218, the voter ID bill, has passed the House 76 - 68. Luckily House Bill 626, requiring proof of citizenship, has been postponed until next Monday.”

derrrghhhh… Altho, as i understand it, there is no true Senate companion bill, and Senator Ellis has proclaimed he has the support needed to stop one in his side of the dome. Lets make sure no Dems get peeled away — and make sure your electeds know you are watching and remembering.

URGENT: Call today to stop the Voter Roadblock bills (HB 218 and Hb 626)

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Call your State Rep. and tell them to vote NO on HB218 and HB 626.

I am sure you read loads of alarmist-sounding posts, but please pay attention and act today because there really is a coordinated Voter Suppression effort rolling through the Lege right now, this morning.

There are two bills in the Texas House (HB 218 and HB 626) which pretend to fight Voter ID fraud although it has been proven to NOT exist. The real plan of these bills is to reduce voting participation by throwing up roadblocks to Voter Registration and Voter Registration Drives, and essentially kick just about anyone who moves frequently (read: disproportionately poor, minority, seniors, and youth voters, base-hopping soldiers’ families), or who doesn’t remember to send away for a ‘certified’ copy of their birth certificate, passport or naturalization papers weeks ahead of the 30-days-before-an-election voter registration deadline.

On a recent conference call hosted by True Courage Action Network, a non-partisan non-profit, it was revealed that the minimum cost, even for voters who have been voting for 20 years but maybe move, or get married and change names, will be roughly $20 for the certified copy of a birth certificate. And, possibly as much as $90 if you are a naturalized citizen.

Call your State Rep. and tell them to vote NO on HB218 and HB 626.

HB 626 requires proof of citizenship at the time of registration, in the form of certified copy of either your birth certificate, passport or naturalization papers, and because no one carries these around, and if they did no one in their right mind will hand a copy of these documents to a stranger to register to vote, effectively killing voter registration drives. HB 218 requires multiple forms of identification at the poll.

Learn More:


Don’t Suppress the Vote in Texas

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Texas is one of several states subject to the Voter Rights Act Section 5 pre-clearance whereby election practices or procedures are frozen until the new proposed procedures have been subjected to review by the US Department of Justice. You wouldn’t be too surprised by our state neighbors in the VRA Section 5 pool. You also wouldn’t be too surprised that under the Bush administration DOJ pre-clearance has been relatively easy.

LA Times 3/25/2007
Justice Department tugged to the right Under Bush, the department has been tainted by politics, many say.
The Civil Rights Division veterans focused their criticism on major voting case decisions over the last six years that they say have generally benefited the GOP.The most recent case concerned a 2005 Georgia law that required voters to provide photo identification. Staff attorneys raised concerns about the law after the Georgia secretary of state supplied data showing that tens of thousands of voters might not have driver’s licenses or other prescribed forms of identification. They said the plan could effectively disenfranchise large numbers of black voters.

On Tuesday April 17th, the Texas Legislature will vote on two House bills HB218 and HB626 that will likely suppress the vote in Texas if they become law and are implemented.

NY Times article 2/21/07
Lower Voter Turnout Is Seen In States That Require ID

States that imposed identification requirements on voters reduced turnout at the polls in the 2004 presidential election by about 3 percent, and by two to three times as much for minorities, new research suggests.

HB218 by Representative Betty Brown, requires voters to provide redundant forms of identification. A voter must present a voter registration card and a photo ID, or a voter registration card and at least two other forms of non-photo ID. Voters who do not have the required forms of ID and show up to the polls will be required to cast a provisional ballot. There are no mandates in the bill for voter education or notification of the change in the voting law. Provisional ballots in Texas are already counted at a very low rate. In the 2004 Presidential race of the 36,193 ballots cast provisionally, only 7,770, less than a quarter of them, were ultimately counted. A survey by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law found that as many as 11 percent of Americans, more than 21 million citizens, did not have a current government-issued photo ID.

HB626 by Phil King, is a proof of citizenship to register to vote bill. His bill requires that all voter registrations must include proof of citizenship. Only three documents will satisfy the proof of citizen requirement:

  • a certified copy of a birth certificate
  • certified copy of a valid passport
  • certified copy of citizenship naturalization papers

This bill will effectively kill voter registration drives. No one carries these important papers on their person. And they will be unlikely to trust handing the documents to volunteers conducting registration drives. Therefore, the only way a new voter can register to vote is through the mail, if the person includes a certified copy of one of those documents. Or if they go down to their local country registrars office in person with their papers.
Consider that anytime a person moves from one county to another within the state, they have to re-register and this whole process will have to be repeated again.
Both of the Texas House bills are modeled after Proposition 200 in Arizona which passed in 2004, was temporarily suspended by the Federal Ninth Circuit court and reinstated by the US Supreme Court. An appeal is in the courts.

Proposition 200 implemented harsh voter identification requirements as well as proof-of-citizenship requirements in 2005. The law requires voters who cast a ballot at a polling place on Election Day to present photo identification deemed “acceptable” by Arizona’s Secretary of State, such as a driver’s license, or two alternate forms of ID that include the name or address of the voter such as a utility bill or a bank statement. Such requirements can disenfranchise voters without photo ID by making it hard for them to cast ballots if they live at a residence where someone else, such as a spouse, parent, or roommate pays the bills, or if they are uninformed about the rules. Students, the poor, and senior citizens are among the groups that are most likely to be adversely affected.
Source: People for the American Way.

The bill analysis for Representative Phil King’s bill, HB626 states:

While there is no evidence of extensive fraud in Texas elections or of multiple voting, both can occur and it could affect the outcome of close elections.

There have been over twenty million votes cast in Texas since 2002 in various statewide elections, and not one single case of voter impersonation has been prosecuted by the Texas Attorney General. Proponents of these laws insist that election fraud is rampant and that the purity of the ballot box is being threatened, but they can only provide anecdotal evidence of this. Turnout in the state of Texas is already pretty anemic. Only 34% of the registered voters in Texas turned out fo the last gubernatorial election in November of 2006.
Source: Texas Secretary of State Turnout and Voter Registration Figures (1970-current)

There are two ways to win an election. One is to get a majority of voters to support you. The other is to prevent voters who oppose you from casting their votes.
Source: People for the American Way Report; The New Face of Jim Crow: Voter Suppression in America

Further reading on election fraud:


Act Today to Save Voter Registration!

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Quick, do you have your proof of citizenship on you? Do you even know what counts as proof? Would you be carrying it on you when you head to a music festival, a parade, or immunization day?

Well, certain House Republicans know this, and in an effort to combat unsubstantiated and fabricated ‘voter ID fraud,’ the House Committee on Elections is moving on Wednesday to approve a bill which make it harder for people to become involved, or stay involved. These bills will do three things

  • Require proof of citizenship PLUS an additional ID just to register, at the time of registration.
  • Require even long-term voters to re-register after moving, WITH proof of citizenship — even if they have been dutiful voters for years and years.
  • Require two forms of ID at the poll.




Rafael Anchía
Capitol: (512) 463-0746
District: (214) 943-6081

Lon Burnam
Capitol: (512) 463-0740
District: (817) 924-1997

Joe Farías
Capitol: (512) 463-0714

Leo Berman (Chair)
Capitol: (512) 463-0584
District: (903) 939-2400

Dwayne Bohac (Vice-Chair)
Capitol: (512) 463-0727
District: (713) 460-2800

Charlie Howard
Capitol: (512) 463-0710
District: (281) 565-9500

Kirk England
Capitol: (512) 463-0694
District: (972) 264-4231


Rafael Anchía
Capitol Fax: (512) 463-0738
District Fax (214) 920-9996

Lon Burnam
Capitol Fax: (512) 463-1075
District Fax (817) 924-6788

Leo Berman (Chair)
Capitol Fax: (512) 463-3217
District Fax (903) 939-2402

Dwayne Bohac (Vice-Chair)
Capitol Fax: (512) 463-0681
District Fax (713) 460-2822

Charlie Howard
Capitol Fax: (512) 463-0711
District Fax (281) 565-1579

Kirk England
Capitol Fax: (512) 463-1130
District Fax (972) 522-5918







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EASY EASY EASY! Take five minutes to look up friends or neighbors in Travis and Hays County. So many people have not voted,

Look them up by Last Name or Street name, and then make a call or knock on a door for Democracy!

Click here to look up neighbors and friends in Travis County
Click here to look up neighbors and friends in Hays County

Don’t stop yet!

2006-Aug-24 and

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As a bit toward explaining the recent slowdown in LFT blog posts, let me offer two clues: and which yours truly has been working many long hours developing, designing, programming along with the inimitable Glen Maxey and Hunter Ellinger.

With these tools, ‘every volunteer can phone, walk, register or GOTV their friends and neighbors in their precinct, local area or across the state’ and in just the last two weeks of soft-launch testing, hundreds of people from all over the state have contacted thousands of voters. We can ramp that up and contact 10, 25, 100,000 voters before election time?

so spread the word and thanks for helping!

For those that didnt get or didnt read a recent Maxey blast:

I want to introduce you to a dynamic new online set of tools at

It is my hope that you’ll make use of the many tools you find at this innovative new site.

It has been created by a new political action committee, True Blue Action PAC, whose sole reason to exist is to make tools available to identify and turn out Democratic voters for candidates at all levels.

Chris Bell, Democratic nominee for Governor, has been instrumental in helping us get off the ground. His campaign understands the need for ALL Democrats running at all levels to assist in turning out voters for each other.

There is NO COST to use these tools. They are open, accessible and free. TrueBlueAction simply asks that you use them to work for Democratic issues and candidates.

Ever want a walk list, phone list, or other data for your street, precinct or area? Here it is!

On this site, you’ll find some easy to use tools. Among them are:

a) Build a walk list to canvass your street or are

b) Print out pre-filled accurate Mail Ballot Applications for seniors, disabled, or those who’ll be out of town

c) Use the Online Phone Bank to call to ID voters, and GOTV during early voting and on election day to turn out the vote in your precinct or anywhere in Texas!

d) Email your friends across Texas voting reminders with their early voting locations

e) Build a list of voters you know (friends, co-workers, etc.) to “turn out to vote”. Get daily reminders whether they’ve voted early if you’re in a county that has electronic access to early voters.

f) Register new voters and make a retrievable list by entering them in this system so that they’ll get voting reminders.

g) And much, much more as we proceed and great volunteers add tools!

As we improve this site, we’ll send you updates of new tools that have been added. Thanks to the creative energy of lots of volunteers, we’re literally changing the way grassroots politics happens across Texas.

Give as feed back at

There is now no excuse for someone not being able to help our Democratic candidates.

Every volunteer can phone, walk, register or GOTV their friends and neighbors in their local area or even across the state!

Houston voter registration project

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Alfred Stanley shares a tip:

Check this out. This project is being funded by Rick Noriega’s political committee. Right now they’ve got data for Houston about citizens who aren’t registered.

and i must say, this site has a great idea:

“Based on your home address, you are given a list of 10 unregistered but voter-eligible Hispanics that live closest to you. Since it is in your neighborhood, you are very likely to know the person or area. Best of all, you can register people at your convenience.”

with a compelling connection to everyday life (which you know we love at LFT)

• Will proposal requiring Houston police to check citizenship status come back?
• College tuition increases put squeeze on Latinos
• Bill would deny citizenship to Latinos born in U.S.
• Study: Latino’s net worth 1/11th of Anglo household
• Another Texas Latino killed in Iraq
• Latinos are the highest uninsured in country
• Immigrants attacks hurts all Hispanics
• Microchip in skin would track Hispanic workers
• Officials: No hate crime in rape of local Hispanic teen

It is just getting started, so if you live in Houston, hit them up to get started uniting your communities!


Mark Strama’s Campaign Academy is back

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Mark Strama’s campaign for HD-50 in 2004 should serve as a benchmark and training ground for Progressives running in swing areas all over the state. Mark’s innovative integration of technology, training and tons and tons of grassroots blockwalking/phonebanking paid off as one more seat became blue.

One of the most interesting elements was a rolling summer academy. Every time you dropped by you could see first-hand that young people were not just reading/blogging/emailing about politics, they were involved in politics on the ground. If you know some young people near HD-50 (north Travis County, part of Williamson County) pondering their summer options, pass this along!

Dear friends,

Now that spring break is over, some of the young people you know will be planning for how they will spend the summer. I hope you will forward them this message.

Campaign Academy 2006 is a unique summer opportunity for students to learn the nuts and bolts of modern politics, as well as the important policy issues that confront state government, while contributing to my re-election effort in what promises to be another challenging campaign.

Students will be an integral part of the daily campaign activities: working with databases, conducting voter registration drives, and knocking on doors. Last time, the Campaign Academy even wrote their own press releases and developed their own fundraising strategies.

Daily lunch speakers include current and former elected officials, political consultants, and policy wonks. In 2004, our guest speakers included former Governor Ann Richards, former U.S. Senator Bob Krueger, and State Senator Rodney Ellis.

Please forward this message to anyone you know who might want to participate. Details on how to apply for a spot in Campaign Academy 2006 can be found at:

Thanks for your continuing support.

Best regards,

Mark Strama


Delay, (R)edistricting, the Supremes, Minority voters

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The Houston Chronicle reports on the Supreme Court’s hearing of the Texas (R)edistricting case.

One encouraging nugget:

But Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is expected to provide the pivotal vote on the matter as a court centrist, made clear the map could be rejected for another reason: Some districts redrawn by the Texas Legislature in 2003 may violate the federal Voting Rights Act by discriminating against minority voters.

In particular, Kennedy said he was concerned that Republican state lawmakers removed 100,000 Latino voters from the 23rd District in South Texas and made sure it remained 50.9 percent Latino to “make it look good.”

“It seems to me that’s an affront and an insult,” he said.

Chief Justice John Roberts asked what percentage of minority voters would be sufficient to deem the district mostly minority.

“What’s the magic number?” he asked.

A reminder to not get too encouraged:

Additionally, three justices seem to agree that its a totally partisan maneuver

“Wow! That’s a surprise,” Justice Antonin Scalia quipped sarcastically.

“Legislatures redraw the map all the time for political reasons,” he added.

This partisanship (or ‘playing politics’ as Rs decry it of anyone who questions why or disagrees with their (sort-sighted) plans) is legal, and perhaps even for the good, the justices indicate.

but good for whom?
good for communities? NO
good for people? NO

good for political parties. YES.
i see, the opinion on political process from a Supreme Court Justice(R) is that it should favor invisible non-corporeal legal fictions over flesh-and-blood people and their communities. good call.

Glen Maxey is running for Tx Dem State Party Chair

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At last night’s DFT meetup in Austin, I had the great pleasure of introducing Ciro Rodriguez, who revved up the crowd with some good digs at Delay, the Medicare ‘Pinata of Perks’ for Big Pharmacy, and about the widespread support and resources that have breathed a new energy into his campaign. (Full Report next post…)

Another announcement likewise brought a new energy into a different race:
Glen Maxey, former State Rep, Coordinated-campaigns organizer, and father of CHIP, announced he is running for State Party Chair of the Texas Democratic Party. This is big news, and great news because Glen not only understands what needs to be done, has experience doing it, he understands what can be done, and better, he understands there are people all across that state who, with some tools and techniques, will do it themselves, for themselves, better than anyone could do it for them.

Glen lays it out, in English and in Spanish, for All of Texas to find out more.

Read it or listen to the podcasts(en inglés y en español) at

It all depends on you, and it all starts with going to your precinct caucus Tuesday March 7th, 7:15pm at your official precinct polling location. Even if you voted early, go to your precinct caucus, Tuesday March 7th, 7:15pm and sign in, then sign up to be a delegate to your county convention. Its simple and might take you as little as 15 minutes.

Detailed English instructions for a precinct caucus are available at, Spanish instructions will be available soon.

Do you think this is a good move? Do you have questions about the process? Lets compare candidates, tell us what you know in the comments!


La Polituquera, Feb 2006 has the numbers

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Alfredo Santos writes in to let us know another fact-and-figures-packed edition of La Politiquera is available, and i can tell you it is packed with interesting information, and a timely reminder:

On the question of voting, I had a man tell me a few years ago, “No, si yo tuviera la ciudanania, you saldria a votar cada vez que me tocaba. Yo veo que hay muchos de ustedes que no cuidan lo que tienen aquí en este país.” (No, if I was a citizen, I would go out and vote every time I could. I see that a lot of you are not taking care of what you have in this country.)

Headlines include ‘The Race for the 28th Congressional District Seat’ and

  • On the Question of First Class Citizenship
  • Diana Davila Named Board President of Houston ISD
  • Armando Villarreal Now in Iowa
  • Latinos by the Numbers
  • Hispanics and Texas Politics
  • Maria Luisa Alvarado Head of Democratic Ticket

Download the 800k PDF right here.

Ceasar’s renderings need a prayerful view

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Margie Medrano writes in to say:

I am sending you the article Ceasar’s renderings need a prayerful view that appeared this month, in the Catholic Spirit, a newspaper that goes out each month to all the Catholics in the Diocese. This article is part of an effort of the Faithful Citizenship committee (that Steve & I are on), with our goal being to enlighten people on the relationship between Catholic Social teachings & how these are reflected in current social/political issues.

Unfortunately the article is not posted on the diocese website so I am sending it to you as a PDF file. So you don’t have to read it sideways click on “view” in the toolbar at the top & towards the bottom of the “view” menu you can rotate it “clockwise” to read upright.

Its available right here as a PDF, and its worth reading.

two good links in the article brought here for convenience:
Texas Impact and
Center for Public Policy Priorities


Want to have secure elections? Here’s an idea

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From an email I received:
Citizen Parallel Elections are BACK!!

Co-Sponsored by VoteRescue and Black Box Voting

Come learn how you can help educate voters about fair, accurate and transparent elections during the Primary Elections on March 7, 2006.

 Citizens’ Parallel Elections are non-partisan election demonstrations held 100 feet outside selected voting precincts on election day.  All voters are invited to privately mark an ”unofficial” PAPER BALLOT, cast it into a BALLOT BOX and return when the polls close to watch the votes be COUNTED BY HAND. 

Why Citizen Parallel Elections?

1. TO WAKE UP VOTERS. Help voters see the vast difference between their observable voting experience outside and voting inside on electronic machines (made by private corporations) that use secret software undisclosed to both citizens and election officials and that produce no storable paper record that the voter can verify for accuracy.  With no voter verified record of the vote, there can be no true recount in the case of a close election and no random audit by which to check the accuracy of the machine results.  Even the Government Accounting Office concluded in October 2005 that, “…concerns about electronic voting machines have been realized and have caused problems with recent elections, resulting in the loss and miscount of votes.” On Nov. 8, 2005, four of America’s leading computer scientists and cyber secirity experts issued an emergency warning to poll workers and Americans on Election Day that, “…electronic voting machines are poorly designed, not secure and easily hacked. Your vote may not be counted!”  Bottom line: There is no basis for voters to have any confidence in the reported results of our elections.

2. TO COMPARE THE TWO RESULTS.  Each Citizen Parallel Election produces data that is used to develop increasingly accurate statistical methods with which to discover any significant differences between the Parallel Election results and the “Official” results from the electronic machines. By the time the mid-term general election occurs in November of this year, we will have full confidence in our statistical analysis to be able to find discrepancies, if any.  However, since there is no way to perform a recount here in Travis County, finding any differences will be impossible to prove.

 The first volunteer training session will be held this Tuesday, Feb. 7th, at 7 p.m. at Tres Amigos Restaurant near the intersection of 183 and 290 East. (Directions are below.)  In addition to learning about Citizen Parallel Elections, you will be able to meet many of the seasoned volunteers who helped conduct the First CPE in Texas in Nov., 2005.  They will share their various uplifting experiences of witnessing real, unfettered democracy in action.  The more new volunteers who come to help, the more new voters who will realize what is at stake and how we all must work together to fix this serious problem.

For more information, please call 496-7408 or 775-3737.

Also, please visit and

Directions: Tres Amigos Restaurant is located at the crossroads of 290 East and 183. If driving east from I-35 on Hwy 290, take the exit to 183 South and look for the restaurant which will be on the right. (It’s atleast a 1/4 of a mile from where you turn off of 290 East, so don’t panic if you don’t see it right away.) Their phone number is 275-0930 in case you need more information. 

We will get started at 7 pm and wrap up no later than 9. If you plan to eat there, please arrive by 6:30 so you’ll have your food by the time we get things underway.


Go Glen Go!

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Breaking News!

Glen Maxey has not officially announced, but the gang behind certainly want him to run for Texas Democratic Party State Chair, or State Party Chair as the cool kids call it.

now, take that scoop, BurntOrangeReport! ; )


Más números

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Kevin posted about the report “Hispanics and the 2004 Election: Population, Electorate and Voters” by the Pew Hispanic Center. Today a paper in Philly is running a breakdown of the numbers from the “2004 National Survey of Latinos: Politics and Civic Participation”:

Hispanic voters by the numbers

40% - U.S. Hispanics who are eligible to vote, or 15.7 million people as of March 2003.

8% - The U.S. electorate who is Hispanic. However, within the 18 to 24 age group, Hispanics make up 12 percent of the electorate.

425,000 - The average of U.S.-born Latinos turning 18 and becoming eligible to vote every year since the 2000 election.

20% - The rate at which the number of Latino voters increased from the 2000 to the 2004 election. This rate is six times faster than for the non-Hispanic population.

68% - Latinos will account for 68 percent of increase in the segment of the electorate aged 18 to 24 between the 2000 and the 2004 election.

78% - New eligible Latino voters since 2000 who are U.S.-born citizens, as opposed to naturalized Hispanic immigrants.

24% - Eligible Latino voters nationwide who are naturalized citizens.

60% - Eligible Latino voters aged 19 to 29 years who are registered to vote.

79% - Eligible Latino voters aged 55 years or older who are registered to vote.

58% - Latino voters who live in Texas, California and New York. Latinos also represent at least 10 percent of the eligible voters in the battleground states of Florida, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.

Source: The Pew Hispanic Center


CORRECTION: VoteRescue meeting: Electoral Reform, paper-trails and you

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Please attend a planning meeting to target our Travis County Commissioners and Austin City Council to upgrade our voting system eSlate to a voter verified paper ballot system. Lets build a broad coalition to help us lobby to demand verified voter paper ballots in Travis county. VoteRescue and ACLU-TX worked this session on e-voting issues and want to keep these efforts moving forward. Please pass this along and/or post to your blogs.

When: 6-8pm, Tuesday, August 9, 2005
Where: Vinny’s Italian Cafe 1003 Barton Springs Road (Just east of Lamar)
(enclosed patio area)
512-294-9527 or 512-496-7408
Kat Dean and Karen Renick


Is Texas Gov. Rick “Adios, MoFo” Perry silencing votes intentionally?

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I noticed that a tied vote last week was broken by Craddick, moving the final tally to 74-75, with HD 143 not voting due to the death of Rep. Joe Mereno. Naive me, I simply accepted that as bad luck from a bad situation.

But, the good people at Burnt Orange Report raise an intriguing question:

It is likely that Governor Perry, in his failure to call an expedited special election to fill the House District 143 seat that was vacated when Rep. Joe Moreno died in May, has violated a provision in the Texas Election Code and unfairly silenced the votes and voices of over 130,000 Texans.

Is Perry in Violation of Texas Election Code?

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